FIAP Distinctions

FIAP Photographic Distinctions are available to individuals who are members of SPF Clubs. Full details about FIAP Distinctions and how to apply is available from this area of this website. 

Firstly, you must participate in salons with FIAP patronage to gain acceptances. A full list of these qualifying Exhibitions (Salons) can be found on the FIAP Patronages website (click here)

Remember that our own SPF Scottish International Salon and our member Club Edinburgh Photographic Society's Edinburgh International both count towards these FIAP Distinctions as does the NEW EPS International Digital Exhibition. See full details below.

You require to keep a note of all the competitions you have entered.

When you have completed the requirement, you can submit an application for the FIAP Distinction.

All applications for FIAP distinctions from Scottish Club Members must be made through the SPF, who is responsible for checking the information given. The SPF is only permitted to submit applications to FIAP once a year.

Applications may be made to the SPF's FIAP Liaison Officer, following the details given below for the level of Distinction being applied for between 14th October and 16th January, except for MFIAP which has alternative date requirements which can be found below. She will confirm receipt by email within one week.

All applications will be forwarded to FIAP on 15th February. FIAP now require three months to process applications so certificates will be issued mid-May.


There is a change in personnel for this year's aplications so please ensure you have the new details and forms available from 14th October below.  The new SPF FIAP Liaison Officer is Anne Sproul. You can email Anne via the SPF Executive area of this website or (click here)

More about FIAP can be found on the FIAP website (click here) or on the FIAP area of this website (click here)

Please Note - To avoid confusion as Scotland is a FIAP member country in it's own right you cannot make an Application via the PAGB even although you are also a PAGB member.

New Nature Definition from Jan 2022
Need another Country - You can now add Scotland see more below

The Edinburgh Photographic Society are this year running their First Edinburgh Photographic Society International Digital Exhibition.

The Exhibition has both FIAP and PSA patronage, as well as that of the SPF. SECTIONS AND FEES - The Exhibition consists of Four (4) Sections with up to Four (4) entries allowed in each: Open Mono, Open Colour, Nature and Wildlife AWARDS - A total of 80 Awards will be presented including 4 Gold Medals from each of the Photographic Society of America, Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique and the Scottish Photographic Federation.

Entry fees are £10 for the first section then £3 for each additional section. Payment is via PayPal

Entries Open 1st September 2021 Entries - Close 7th December 2021

The salon is conducted in accordance with the recommendations and approval of: The Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) 2021/503 and The Photographic Society of America (PSA) 2021-1666

Click on the following web link (click here) and scroll down for all of the details you require together with access to their online entry.

IMPORTANT FIAP Distinction News - Update For 2021-22 Applications

This section should be read in conjunction with the appropriate Application PAck supplied below for the level of Distinction you wish to apply for.

SPF Members who are close to making a FIAP Distinction submission, who may only be short of a few Print acceptances before doing so, please read the following change as you may be able to submit an application this year (by Mid-January 2022). Please read the following in conjunction with the full FIAP Distinctions requirements further down this webpage.

The Director FIAP Distinctions Service has written to all FIAP Liaison Officer stating the following changes: Due to the many problems with the postal services around the world, caused by the Covid-19, FIAP have made the following decisions that continue to apply to Distinctions applications lodged in 2022:

1. For AFIAP and EFIAP Distinctions, there will be no requirement for acceptances in “print” salons. This temporary measure relates to rules 2.2.d and 3.2.d of the FIAP Distinctions Document 011/2016.

2. For MFIAP applications in 2021, the portfolio, which is normally sent as prints, must be sent ONLY as digital files. The portfolio of photos must be sent to FIAP as high resolution, high quality digital files, by WeTransfer, together with the application form. DO NOT send prints to FIAP for applications in 2022. DO NOT send photos on a CD-ROM to FIAP.

3. For All Distinctions applications in 2022, the original signed pages A and B of the Distinctions application form can be scanned and sent electronically via WeTransfer. This gives FIAP the possibility of speeding up the application process. The original pages A and B still need to be posted such that FIAP receive them prior to the following year’s applications arriving. The same requirement applies to any forms scanned and sent electronically during 2020 and 2021.

Fees Reductions 2021-22: Fees for the first FIAP Photographers’ Card will be reduced from 50 to 25 euros for all applications submitted after June 30, 2021. This reduction will be valid till June 30, 2023. After this date, fees for the first FIAP Photographers’ Card will be restored to the previous level of 50 euros. 

These details are also available as a PDF download below. (Current Ref 173/2020 and 187/2021)

Applying for a FIAP Distinction

All applications for a FIAP Distinction must be submitted via the Scottish Photographic Federation by applying to the SPF's FIAP Liaison Officer. Please Note - FIAP will only allow us to submit applications once a year.

Applications for FIAP Distinctions must therefore be submitted to the SPF's FIAP Liaison Officer between 14th October 2021 and 16th January 2022. PLEASE SEND ONLY AS FIRST OR SECOND CLASS MAIL. IMAGES MUST BE SENT VIA WETRANSFER. THEY WILL CONFIRM RECEIPT BY EMAIL WITHIN 1 WEEK. All applications will be forwarded to FIAP Mid February 2022. FIAP now require 3 months to process the applications so certificates may not be available till mid May.

Applicants at all levels are advised to read the sections in the FIAP Book from page 91 (click here) and comply with these requirements set out in FIAP Document 011/2016 E Sections 8 and 9; and comply with Section 2 if AFIAP; Section 3 if EFIAP; Section 4 if EFIAP levels respectively. In addition please see the Important Update given above re 2021-22 Application changes.

Full details are also available to download below for each of the levels of Distinction.

NEW - There is a change to the way you require to apply for the FIAP Photographers 'Life' Card from 1st Jan 2019. As it is a requirement that you hold a FIAP Photographers 'Life' Card before you can apply for a FIAP Distinction, please see the NEW details below (minor changes in 2021).

FIAP Photographers (Life) Card Application

The FIAP Photographer's 'Life' Card is a credit card sized identification document for members. This card serves as an ID card and, unlike the old ‘Card’, carries a unique ID Number (FP-XXXXXXX) that will stay with you for life. Although having no status outside FIAP, the card can be very useful to show as a photographic credential.

FIAP rules require that the holder of a FIAP distinction must also be the holder of their card. You must also be the holder of one of these cards to attend any FIAP Congress, AGM or FIAP Photo Meeting.

Since January 2019, it is now compulsory for all applications for this card to be made by the applicant via the FIAP Platform at (click here) Here you will set up a single free personal profile (FP) before ordering your Life Card.

When you open this web page there is a video explaining the process in detail. There is a charge of €50 (reduced to €25 in 2021 and 2022), plus postage and PayPal charges (through which, without exception, payment has to be made).

After your personal profile is created, you will be notified by email that your account is active. You will receive an “FP Number” in 7-digit (FP-XXXXXXX) as the username for login and will be prompted to set your own password.

Unless you already hold a FIAP Photographer's Life Card, you will need to obtain one to make your first application for a distinction. You will therefore have to obtain your card BEFORE you can apply for a FIAP Distinction.

If you are already the holder of a FIAP Photographer's Life Card then, if you wish to have it updated (eg, after receiving a new distinction certificate) you can do so in the first instance by requesting it on the FIAP website, it will be supplied to you through the SPF FIAP Liaison Officer. Since 1st Jan 2021 this is now available for free. (Please see section below for details)

If a card requires replacement after being lost or stolen or requires amendment (eg, change of name) then the charge at the time plus postage and PayPal charges will apply.

A FIAP Photographer's Life Card can also be obtained via the above process without applying for a FIAP Distinction

Current Ref 185/2021E and 187/2021

Updating a Photographer's (Life) Card with a New Distinction (since 2021)

If you wish to update your FIAP Photographer's Life Card after receiving a new distinction, then the process is different.

When FIAP updates your “Personal Profile” with your new distinction, the platform generates an email to you inviting you to update your Life Card.

You will then need to access your “Personal Profile” on the myfiap platform, using your username and password, to request the updated card. It is not compulsory to update your Life Card: it is your choice. From 1st January 2021, this service is now free of charge.

After production of the new cards by FIAP, the new Life Cards will be sent in bulk, once a year, to your SPF FIAP Liaison Officer who will send them out to the Individual Photographers. This is likely to be after Certificates have been sent.

Current Ref 185/2021E

The AFIAP Distinction

The distinction "Artist FIAP" (AFIAP) is the first artistic distinction that can be obtained. It is awarded to photographic artists whose artistic qualities, technique and production of work have been acknowledged through their participation in international salons under FIAP Patronage.

The candidate for this distinction must:

Have taken part with success in international salons under FIAP Patronage for at least 1 year; i.e. his first FIAP-recognised acceptance must have occurred at least 1 year ago.

Have taken part with success in at least 15 international salons under FIAP Patronage in at least 8 different countries. In this respect a Circuit is to be considered as a single salon.

Have obtained at least 40 acceptances with at least 15 different works in international salons under FIAP Patronage.

Include in his works a minimum of 4 different works, which have each received at least one acceptance in “Print” salons under FIAP Patronage. Please Note - this 'print' requirement has been dropped for 2021-22 submissions

Candidates for AFIAP distinction must submit: A complete application using forms prescribed by FIAP (which can be downloaded below). 5 photographic works of the candidate in form of a digital file. All the submitted works must have obtained 3 FIAP - recognised acceptances in different salons. In this respect a Circuit is considered to be a single salon.

The following procedure must be followed: See separate sheet “Notes to Assist AFIAP Applicants 2022” The full AFIAP Pack is available to download below. Please read the section in the FIAP Book from page 92 on the following link (click here) and comply with these requirements set out in FIAP Document 011/2016 E Sections 2, 8 and 9.

When the AFIAP distinction is awarded, the candidate will receive a diploma and a badge with green enamel.

You will find some of the images from successful FIAP Distinction applicants in our gallery section. (Click here) to view AFIAP images. (Click here) to view EFIAP images and (click here) for EFIAP levels (bronze and silver) 

We hope to bring you some of this year's successful applicants very soon.

The EFIAP Distinction

The distinction "Excellence FIAP" (EFIAP) is awarded to photographic artists who, apart from having excellent techniques, have a significant number of their work often been accepted in many international salons under FIAP Patronage.

The following procedure must be followed: See separate sheet “Notes to Assist EFIAP Applicants 2022”. The full EFIAP Pack is available to download below. Please read the section in the FIAP Book from page 92 on the following link (click here) and comply with these requirements set out in FIAP Document 011/2016 E Sections 3, 8 and 9.

When the EFIAP distinction is awarded, the candidate will receive a diploma and a badge with red enamel.

The EFIAP Levels Distinctions

In order to honour photographic artists who, after having received the EFIAP distinction, continue to actively participate in international salons under FIAP Patronage and, by so doing, help to promote photography with their new artistic production, FIAP has instituted seven additional EFIAP levels e.g. EFIAP/b, EFIAP/s, EFIAP/g etc.

The following procedure must be followed: See separate sheet “Notes to Assist EFIAP Levels Applicants 2022”. The full EFIAP Levels Pack is available to download below. Please read the section in the FIAP Book from page 92 on the following link (click here) and comply with these requirements set out in FIAP Document 011/2016 E Sections 4, 8 and 9.

The MFIAP Distinction

The distinction "Master Photographer of FIAP" (MFIAP) is awarded to a photographic artist in recognition of his/her entire achievements in the field of artistic photography. MFIAP is the third step, after AFIAP and EFIAP, in the FIAP distinctions awarded for personal successes in photography.

The candidate must be holder of the EFIAP distinction for at least 3 years, based on the date of the diploma.

The following procedure must be followed: See separate sheet “Notes to Assist MFIAP Applicants 2022”. The full MFIAP Pack is available to download below. Please read the section in the FIAP Book from page 92 on the following link (click here) and comply with these requirements set out in FIAP Document 011/2016 E Sections 5, 8 and 9.

Please contact the SPF's FIAP Liaison Officer, if you require further advice.

Visit the FIAP website MFIAP area to see photos from photographers from throughout the world awarded MFIAP (click here) 

The following successful Scottish author's MFIAP panels are also available to view on the FIAP website;

To view Robert Fulton's successful MFIAP Panel (2015) (click here)   To view Peter Paterson's successful MFIAP Panel (2015) (click here)   To view Rod Wheelans' successful MFIAP panel (2008) (click here)   To view John Simpson's successful MFIAP panel (2006) (click here)

FIAP Distinctions 2021 Awarded

Congratulations to all of the below successful recipients of this year's FIAP Distinctions Applications. To see a selection of the images used by those successful photographers in their Portfolios to FIAP in 2021 please visit the following SPF galleries - Gallery 1 (click here)  and for Gallery 2 (click here)

1Bruce HarleyLivingstonAFIAP
2Jim StevensonKilmaurs PCEFIAP
3Fiona SpenceEdinburgh PSEFIAP
4Barrie SpenceEdinburgh PSEFIAP
5Bob HumphreysDonside CCEFIAP
6Ken GilliesEdinburgh PSEFIAP
7Ken WilkieEastwood PSEFIAP/b
8David SadlerDundee PSEFIAP/S
9Clive TurnerPaisley PSEFIAP/S
10Andrew HayesBrechin PSEFIAP/G
11Iain McFadyenPaisley PSEFIAP/G
12Bill TerranceKilmaurs PCEFIAP/d2
13John McNairnDundee PSEFIAP/d2
14Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/d2
15Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/d2
FIAP 2020 Distinctions Awarded
1Barrie SpenceEdinburgh PSAFIAP
2Fiona SpenceEdinburgh PSAFIAP
3David HalliburtonKirkintilloch CCAFIAP
4Peter StanfordDunfermline PAAFIAP
5Jim StevensonKilmaurs PCAFIAP
6Brian CathieKirkintilloch CCEFIAP
7David SadlerDundee PSEFIAP/B
8Andy HayesEdinburgh PSEFIAP/S
9John McNairnDundee PSEFIAP/D1
10Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/D1
11Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/D1
12 Bill TerranceKilmaurs PCEFIAP/D1
FIAP 2019 Distinctions Awarded
1Kenneth GilliesEdinburgh PSAFIAP
2Rosemary GilliesEdinburgh PSAFIAP
3Robert HumphriesDonside CCAFIAP
4Peter ClarkDundee PSEFIAP
5Robert QuigKilmaurs PCEFIAP
6Kenneth PetersDundee PSEFIAP
7Keith ThorburnFort William PSEFIAP
8Andrew HayesBrechin PSEFIAP/b
9Iain McFadyenPaisley PSEFIAP/s
10John McNairnDundee PSEFiAP/g
11Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/p
12Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/p
FIAP 2018 Distinctions Awarded
1Allan DonaldsonPaisley Photographic SocietyAFIAP
2James MoirEdinburgh Photographic SocietyAFIAP
3Kenneth PetersDundee Photographic SocietyAFIAP
4Peter ClarkDundee Photographic SocietyAFIAP
5Robert QuigKilmaurs Photographic ClubAFIAP
6Brian CathieKirkintilloch Camera ClubAFIAP
7Keith ThorburnEdinburgh Photographic SocietyAFIAP
8Alexander BerndtEdinburgh Photographic SocietyEFIAP
9Ian MitchellBon Accord Camera ClubEFIAP
10Cameron ScottCarluke Camera ClubEFIAP
11Kenneth WilkieEastwood Photographic SocietyEFIAP
12Alexandra McOristEdinburgh Photographic SocietyEFIAP
13Norma McDowallPaisley Colour Photographic ClubEFIAP
14Iain McFadyenPaisley Photographic SocietyEFIAP/b
15Eion JohnstonEdinburgh Photographic SocietyEFIAP/g
16John McNairnSt Andrews Photographic SocietyEFIAP/g
17Terry RailleyEdinburgh Photographic SocietyEFIAP/g
18Bill TerranceKilmaurs Photographic ClubEFIAP/p
FIAP 2017 Distinctions Awarded
1Alexander BerndtEdinburgh PSAFIAP
2Alexandra McOristEdinburgh PSAFIAP
3Ian MitchellBon Accord CCAFIAP
4Kenneth WilkieEastwood PSAFIAP
5James BlackPaisley Colour PCEFIAP
6Gaille GrayCarluke CCEFIAP
7Andrew HayesBrechin PSEFIAP
8Iain McFadyenPaisley PSEFIAP
9David SadlerDundee PSEFIAP
10Douglas VernimmenEdinburgh PSEFIAP/bronze
11Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/silver
12John McNairnSt Andrews PSEFIAP/silver
13Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/silver
14Richard BinghamEdinburgh PSEFIAP/gold
15Bill TerranceKilmaurs PSEFIAP/gold
FIAP 2016 Distinctions Awarded
1David SadlerDundee PSAFIAP
2Gaillie GrayCarluke CCAFIAP
3Cameron ScottCarluke CCAFIAP
4Andrew HayesBrechin PSAFIAP
5Iain McFadyenPaisley PSAFIAP
6Moira GardnerKirkcaldy PSEFIAP
7Ken LindsayEastwood PSEFIAP
8Roger HintonBon Accord CCEFIAP
9Karen BerryEdinburgh PSEFIAP
10John McNairnSt Andrews PSEFIAP/b
11Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/b
12Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/b
13Bill TerrenceKilmaurs PCEFIAP/s
FIAP 2015 Distinctions Awarded
1Moira GardnerKirkcaldy PSAFIAP
2Katherine (Kay) MenmuirPerthshire PSAFIAP
3Robert GilmourCowal CCAFIAP
4Roger HintonBon Accord CCAFIAP
7Norma McDowallPCPCAFIAP
8John McNairnSt Andrews PSEFIAP
9Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP
10Jimmy MassonEdinburgh PSEFIAP
11Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP
12Pat CopnerPatricia CatherineEFIAP
13Nicola ShepherdSt Andrews PSEFIAP
14Bill TerranceKilmaurs PCEFIAP/B
15Clive TurnerPaisley PSEFIAP/B
16Colin StaceyDundee PSEFIAP/B
17Richard BinghamEdinburgh PSEFIAP/S
18Neil ScottEdinburgh PSEFIAP/S
19Robert FultonPCPCMFIAP
20Peter PatersonEdinburgh PSMFIAP