FREE Joint RPS and PAGB Distinctions Event

RPS Distinction or a PAGB Award? - The PAGB and RPS are jointly running a very special event to look at both awards. Date and Time: 8th May 2021 at 10.00am. This event is Online. Join from your location. The link will be supplied with your event booking confirmation email. To book online FREE now (click here)

If you have a body of work ready, or you are preparing one, which of the two options is best for you? Or perhaps you could try for both?

This event will help you to decide by looking at the following:

  • The criteria for each award and what you need to do to become successful.
  • The application process and how to apply.
  • Successful submissions at all levels to show the standard required.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions of the advisors and find out which is the best way forward for you. This event is free, but we would recommend booking early as places are limited.

About the RPS - The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 with the objective of making the art and science of photography more widely available. The international charitable organisation is dedicated to increasing the knowledge and understanding of photography and film, supporting photographers, and inspiring public engagement. The RPS is one of the world’s oldest photographic societies.

RPS Distinctions are one of the most widely recognised and respected photography awards in the world. We support people to undertake structured assessments through a tailored and friendly education programme, with a high standard of care and support for everyone.

There are three RPS Distinction levels:

  • Licentiate: applicants must show photographic competence in approach and techniques.
  • Associate: applicants submit a body of work of a high standard and a written Statement of Intent.
  • Fellowship: applicants submit a distinctive body of work and a written Statement of Intent.

About The PAGB - The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain was founded in 1930 and co-ordinates national activities through its Regional Member Federations for more than 1000 Photographic Clubs with around 40,000 members in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

The PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) began in 1994 and have proved to be extremely popular with more than 7000 applicants assessed to date. The PAGB provide extensive advice and mentoring online and at regional workshops.

The APM are open only to members of Clubs affiliated to the PAGB through their Federations (All SPF members are eligible) and are at three levels:

  • Credit (CPAGB): Assessed at the level of Good Club Photography
  • Distinction (DPAGB): Requires photographs which would achieve success in National and International Exhibitions
  • Master (MPAGB): Recognises the very highest standard of UK Amateur Photography

For more on the PAGB Awards scheme (click here)