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The SPF Website - To find out what's where download the SPF Services 2018 Document below for an overview of what's contained on this website and where

The Admin Area - Online Entry area is for Club Main Contact and Competition Secretary only at this time. Please download either of the PDFs below for details of how to log in and enter the SPF Competitions.

Please Note - The online entry process and Guidance Notes for the Digital Championship have been updated in time for the 2018 Competition.

This section will be updated as more of the member's area becomes available and more competitions are put online.

Contact Libby if you require any assistance.

The SPF have had a number of enquires from SPF Member Clubs trying to gain access to download PAGB Recorded Lectures for their Clubs.

The PAGB Central Entry System, also known as the PAGB CES Website, amongst other things, allows all PAGB affiliated Club Officials (including all SPF Clubs) access to the PAGB’s Recorded Lecture Service (RLS). Those enquiries from SPF Club Committee Members ask why they can’t gain access to this PAGB site even although they are a PAGB affiliated Club via their SPF membership and have website access.

To clarify, the SPF administers its own SPF website (this website), and that is what every SPF Club is set up to access by the SPF (by Libby), currently for entry to the SPF Admin area for competition entry, this website log-in access is only for this SPF website not for the PAGB's.

Although all SPF Member Clubs are listed on the PAGB CES website, by the SPF, it is up to the main Club Committee Members to make their own registration on the PAGB CES site to gain access for their Club*.

For full details of how to make an SPF Club Registration on the PAGB CES to gain access to the PAGB Recorded Lectures, download a PDF copy by (clicking here) together with PAGB Recorded Lecture Service details.

*Your Club may already have this access set up if your Club has entered a PAGB Competition. Check if your Competition Secretary has done so as they may well have access you require. (Does not include individual Competition Entry to e.g. Masters of Print only Club Entries made by a Club Official on behalf of the Club) 

How to Submit Articles

We will let you know the details as soon as we are ready to receive your articles. If you have anything that requires circulating for a specific date then please contact either the General Secretary or the e-flash editor who may be able to help.

New Standard SPF Resolution 1600x1200 from 1st Jan 17
Digital Guidance

The notes supplied below in 'Downloads' should help you enter any of the SPF’s Projected Digital Imaging (PDI) events. These notes should be read in conjunction with the particular Competition’s rules.

Over the years we have also been asked if we could supply some help in how to manage digital files for competitions, or help in sourcing or setting up projection equipment. We do not recommend equipment, but the notes below of what we use should help you start the process. These notes are supplied only as basic guidance to anyone who wishes assistance in running digital competitions. There are several different ways to do everything here you will find a few things to consider.

New Guidance Added

We have added some updates in the guidance notes 'Downloads' area below. These updates were required for the SPF NEW 'standard' 1600x1200 pixel size that came in to effect as at 1st Jan 2017. The previous 1400x1050 size will still be accepted by the SPF so that Clubs can choose what suits them. 

The first five are the NEW additions, in addition Guidance Note 5 has also been updated. Guidance on 'Print Capture' as used by the SPF at their Print Championship is included in these downloads. The remaining Guidance Notes 2 to 6 should be read in conjunction with the new additions, and the sizing substituted as required dependent on your Club’s own equipment.

If you require further information on these please contact Libby Smith.

New Guidance Notes -

There is a new ‘How to size to 1600x1200’; Additional guidance on what the new 1600x1200 pixel image size means (An Insight into Resolution) in relation to previous sizes; Additional information on equipment for the new 1600x1200. Guidance Note 5 has also been updated to reflect the new 1600x1200 size, and some weblinks have been updated or added. The last is an overview of the 1600x1200 size introduction which can be used as a poster for your Club.

When choosing what resolution your Club should use; The first priority for Club Internal Competitions is what your Club equipment is capable off. Images should be capable of being viewed at 100% i.e pixel for pixel. – The SPF and PAGB will always do this. (This may mean that some Clubs feel they cannot view the new 1600x1200 size at this time). Clubs should therefore be going with the image size they can project at 100%, and never just fill their screen with the image e.g. 1400x1050 should not fill a 1920x1080 screen but just appear smaller on the screen. If a 1400x1050 image is entered to the SPF Competitions it will be projected at 100% and will show smaller on the 1600x1200 projection area – Hence the new 'Insight in to Resolutions Notes' supplied below.

Advice on What is Allowed or Not Allowed when entering SPF Competitions

How can I distinguish between what is allowed and what is not allowed when entering SPF and PAGB or FIAP Competitions?

Can I use a FILTER from within Photoshop to create a rain-drop effect say - is that allowed?

Can I create something digitally in Photoshop like a non-existing planet - is that allowed?

These are just a few of the questions received by the SPF recently. We have therefore put together the following information for your Guidance.

The SPF, PAGB and FIAP all have their own statements of what is allowed.

The SPF and PAGB are currently the same – ‘Images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer. Composite Images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, use of images from any source including, but not limited to, royalty free image banks, textures and clipart are not permitted’   

An entry is also still subject to any additional specific Competition requirements e.g. Nature or Monochrome Definitions (The current version of these are given below under 'Definitions').

FIAP is slightly different and is given separately at the bottom of this article.

This statement is not normally expanded upon as it is difficult to police all aspects of what is meant by this statement, and may vary in interpretation by different Judges and Competition Organisers.

The SPF’s advice would be to try and enter images that comply with the ‘spirit’ of these rules when entering our Competitions. The below PDF Download contains the SPF's advice which follows this ethos, but is not meant to be definitive, merely a guide.

For more information see an article written by Christine Widdall MPAGB FBPE EFIAP on Plagiarism in Photography, which has previously appeared in the PAGB e-news, by visiting her website (click here)  Please note this is copyright of Christine Widdall, if you wish to circulate, you must contact Christine for permission.

Need more information on Photographing in Public Places or Copyright - for an interesting article on UK Photographer's Rights please visit the following Sirimo website (click here) (Please note Sirimo has no connection with the SPF. This has been added here as a general resource for those Photographing in Public places)


The following definitions are currently the only ones applicable to SPF Club competitions (except the Scottish Salon). Please refer to the definitions on the Scottish Salon’s own website for the Definitions for that event.

Please Note for the avoidance of any confusion, that the PAGB Nature Definition (2018) is not applicable to SPF Competitions, only those of the PAGB.

SPF Areas and Area Reps

Our Clubs are split into areas. Each Area has a post for an Area Representative who is elected by the Clubs in that area. Area Rep's are full voting members of the SPF Executive, and help aid communication between the SPF and its member clubs. These are quite often hand-in or collection points for print competitions too.

These are the ‘SPF AREAS’ that have been agreed, and altered over the years, as other Clubs have joined. Historically, some areas may have competitions, or events, that run with additional Clubs from these areas, or even a neighbouring area. These borders are for SPF Admin and Events only, they have no geographical or council borders, only what has made sense within the Clubs within these areas.

Local event organisers are not automatically SPF Area Reps unless they have been formally nominated through the SPF and accepted – these are listed in the SPF Directory and on the Executive area of this website.

How To Become an SPF Area Representative

The ‘Area Representatives’ are elected by the Clubs in their Area. Without this help the SPF cannot continue to offer all of the Services and Events to its Clubs it does currently. A number of the posts for SPF Area Rep are currently vacant. We, the SPF, cannot constitutionally fill these posts ourselves. 

If there is no-one in post, all you require to do is get your Club to nominate you. The nomination will be circulated to all of the Clubs in your area, inviting acceptance or alternative nominations. If no further nominations are forthcoming you are elected to the post. 

Please see full details on the download below of what is required for the post of SPF Area Rep, along with details of areas vacant. Feel free to contact the SPF General Secretary if you would like to discuss (click here)

SPF Areas

We have several vacancies. For further details see below and above or contact the SPF General Secretary. You can also contact any of our Area Reps by visiting the SPF Executive area of this website (click here)

ANGUS - Brechin; Carnoustie CC; Carnoustie PG; Dundee; Kirriemuir;

ARGYLL - Cowal; Loch Lomond; Mid Argyll; Oban;

AYRSHIRE - Ayr; Beith; Irvine; Kilmarnock; Kilmaurs; Saltcoats; Skelmorlie;

CENTRAL NORTH - Airdrie & Coatbridge; Clacks; Cumbernauld & Kilsyth; Falkirk; Kirkintilloch; Stirling & Dist.;

CENTRAL SOUTH - Biggar; Carluke; Clydesdale; East Kilbride; Lanark; Lesmahagow; Motherwell; Strathaven;

DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY - Abbey; Annan CC; Annan PS; Cumnock & District; Dumfries; Loreburn; Stranraer; The Stewartry;

EDINBURGH NORTH - Edinburgh; Linlithgow; Livingston; Mid Calder;

EDINBURGH SOUTH - Beeslack (Penicuik); Duns & District; Galashiels CC; Haddington; Kelso; Midlothian; Musselburgh; North Berwick; Peebles.

FIFE - Cupar; Dunfermline CC; Dunfermline PA; Glenrothes; Hillend; Kirkcaldy; St Andrews;

GLASGOW - Hub Singer; Milngavie & Bearsden; Queen’s Park; Scottish Circle; The Levern;

GRAMPIAN - Aberdeen; Bon Accord; Craigewan; Deeside; Deveron; Donside; Ellon; Forres; Fraserburgh; Mearns; Moray; Peterhead; Speyside; Visions.

HIGHLANDS - Cromarty; Dingwall; Fort William; Inverness; Nairn; Orkney; Thurso;

PERTH & KINROSS - Alyth; Auchterarder; Crieff; Kinross; Perthshire; Perth CSSA;

RENFREWSHIRE - Eastwood; Greenock; Gryffe; Inverclyde; Paisley Colour; Paisley PS; Penilee; 

SPF Judges and Lecturers

All information relating to the SPF Judges and/or Lecturers contained in the P.A.G.B. Handbook is an abridged version of the information contained in the SPF Directory. NB - SPF Judges and Lecturers who have travel restrictions, etc. are not shown in the P.A.G.B. Handbook - this is a PAGB rule, not ours.

The PAGB Handbook 2016/17 contains Booking Forms (Pages 151 & 152) for your use when booking SPF Judges and Lecturers and also gives guidance for conditions of booking a Judge (Pages 110 &111), and the expenses they can claim. Extra info for Lecturers are on (Pages 44 & 45). Please ensure you confirm what their expenses are at the time of booking. There is also a Booking Reply Form supplied for Judges to note their details. A copy of the 2016/17 PAGB Handbook has been sent to your Club Secretary. Copies of the Booking Forms and Guidance notes are supplied for your convenience below.

Digital Images - Please remember to discuss with the Judge well in advance of the Competition how you propose to present the digital images to him/her - please do not automatically assume that because they are willing to Judge Digital that you do not have to do this - Please see the Guidance Notes listed below. If you do not adhere to items ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’ & ‘e’ of these Guidance Notes, your Judge may refuse to Judge your competition.

We would ask all Judges and Lecturers to let us know as soon as there are any amendments to the details listed in our SPF Directory.  A contact form is supplied for this purpose at the end of the listings in our SPF Directory and also below. A copy of the SPF Directory will be available on this website, with restricted access, once our Member's Area is in operation. In the meantime a paper copy is issued to Club Secretaries Annually, along with PDF copies more frequently.

You can send update forms to the SPF Database Manager or by post to the General Secretary. Contact details for these Executive Members are also in your SPF Directory.

You may also find a NEW Judges Area available on this website of interest. It containing everything related to Judging for use by both Clubs and Judges alike. To visit the NEW All Things Judging area of this website (click here)

Judge's and Lecturer's Booking Forms for use by Clubs

Booking Forms are available for your use when booking SPF Judges and Lecturers. There is also a Booking Reply Form supplied for Judges and Lecturers to note their details. Visit the download area of the 'All Things Judging' area of this website for full info (click here)

Please ensure you agree the expenses required at the time of the booking.

These details are also supplied in the PAGB Handbook, a copy of which is supplied to all Club Secretaries by post. For your convenience the relevant pages are available below or on the Library area of the PAGB website (click here).


The PAGB have produced guidance documents on Data Protection, Health and Safety and Child Protection. Neither the PAGB nor the SPF accept any responsibility for any errors or incorrect statements within these publications. These are meant as a starting point for you. You main find some differences in legislation in Scotland, particularly in regard to Child Protection. 

Disclosure Scotland (click here) and the Voluntary Arts Scotland (click here) are good sources of information. Most local councils may have someone who can advise Clubs locally.

For full details about the Data Protection Act please visit the goverment website (click here) for full details.

For an interesting article on UK Photographer's Rights please visit the following Sirimo website (click here) (Please note Sirimo has no connection with the SPF. This has been added here as a general resource for those Photographing in Public places)

Model Release Form

The below non-threatening Model Release Form has been supplied for use by Clubs and Individuals

Data Protection 2018

This section should be read in conjunction with the Data Protection downloads available above ('Data Protection and the SPF Guidance Document' contains all documents in one)

As there is new Data Protection legislation due to come in to force in May 2018, the SPF have to put certain things in place to comply with the new legislation. And; following new documentation laid out by the PAGB in Feb 2018 (updated Apr 18), the SPF have put a Data Protection Policy in place and amended our Competition Rules for forthcoming events in line with the proposed new requirements. 

This information is advisory and does not set out a policy for anyone to follow. It is intended only as guidelines for Clubs to construct their own policy. Whilst this information has been researched and we believe it to be accurate, the SPF and/or PAGB can accept no responsibility for any errors or incorrect statements and cannot be held liable for any consequent actions which may arise.

Clubs should particularly check the Guidance Summary given by the PAGB in their PAGB Advice Document;

Extract from PAGB Advice – The new legislation adds a requirement for all data controllers to demonstrate their compliance Federations/Clubs need to inform volunteers about the requirements for holding and using personal data. Federations/Clubs do not need explicit consent to collect personal data, but implied consent is only valid within a published policy. The data controllers of Inter-Club and similar events will need to ensure they have consent from individual photographers whose work is entered via a third party.

The main areas where some changes may be required by your Club, in addition to what you already do, are shown in the Summary List of Actions -

· Federations/Clubs will need to prepare and publish a data protection policy containing an adequate description of what personal data will be collected and for what purposes. – This is required so that implied consent is valid for competition secretaries entering member’s work in Inter-Club/SPF/PAGB events (SPF Draft Club Policy available to download above)

· Federations/Clubs will need to review and document their compliance with their own policy.

· Federations/Clubs will need to inform their volunteer officials about maintaining a separation between personal data from different data controllers, and between controlled and domestic use of personal data – i.e. that data can only be used for Club business (inc SPF Directory lists etc..)

· Organisers of inter-Club and similar events will need to review their entry conditions to ensure that any third party entrant confirms explicit consent for the organiser to hold personal data about the photographers entered to the event – e.g. To cover a Club Photographer’s work entered by a Competition Secretary into an Inter-Club/SPF/PAGB competition (and that the SPF may also re –enter into a PAGB/Celtic Challenge event)

· Federations/Clubs must not make their membership contact information available for electronic marketing. Clubs must refuse any request to cascade marketing material to members by electronic messages - For clarification and as an example of what’s allowed; the e-flash, e-news and e-salon contain details about SPF events etc; this is not classed as electronic marketing so you are free to disseminate it to your members, although you are wise to get permission to send any such information to their email address. Extract from PAGB Advice; Marketing material would not include information to members about events directly related to a Federations/Club’s activities.

Creative / Traditional Consultation

More information about how the process has gone so far, as well as some of the feedback we have had will appear here in due course.

Abbreviations used by Us

Below are the main accronyms connected with us and our events -

SPF - Scottish Photographic Federation

PAGB - Photographic Alliance of Great Britain - visit the PAGB's website for the acronyms of all PAGB member Federations (click here)

FIAP - Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique

GPU - Global Photographic Union (Formerly UPI) (Scottish Salon only)

PSA - Photographic Society of America (Scottish Salon only)

RPS - Royal Photographic Society

From the above, this should help you with additional abbreviations used by these organisations or us e.g. EFIAP belonging to FIAP, and MPAGB belonging to PAGB. This should also help you decide which area of this website you will find details about these.

Others you may come across -

BPE - British Photographic Exhibitions

UPP - United Photographic Postfolios of Great Britain

GDPU - Glasgow District Photographic Union

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