PAGB Covid-19 Guidance August 2020

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SPF Additional Note - This letter is Covid-19 Guidance as supplied by the PAGB, but requires an amended statement by the SPF, for SPF Clubs, to update the supplied Covid Government links to those for the Scottish Government. Please note that the link for Community centres, village halls, and other multi-use community facilities in particular does not currently apply to Scotland.

The PAGB is aware that several Federations and Clubs are considering the possibility of resuming normal meetings and that some form of guidance has been requested.

This document is designed to provide basic information which is essentially that current Government Guidance MUST be followed.

The Covid-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly, and there are varying rules in different parts of the UK, including down to very localised levels when “spikes” of cases occur. Therefore, the PAGB is unable to issue detailed guidance which could rapidly become superseded and outdated.

Due to the current levels of risk posed by the COVID-19 virus, we are actively encouraging the use of video conferencing technology to carry out meetings and club events.

Any Federation or Club considering holding a face to face meeting should produce an adequate Risk Assessment to ensure the protection of their officers and members as well as those who might also use the premises in which the meeting will be held.

Risk Assessment Guidance

Guidance on producing Risk Assessments is available from the following link: (click Here) **

Prior to holding a meeting, the organiser must also check the specific Covid-19 precautions required by the venue where the meeting is to be held.

Government Guidance

Government Guidance for Covid-19 is available from the following links:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support **

COVID-19: Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities **


The PAGB is also aware that several questions have been raised about Public Liability and Management Liability Insurance regarding Covid-19. Our brokers, Darwin Clayton, have been requested to liaise with our Insurers to produce information which will be circulated to Federations and Clubs shortly.

** SPF Additional Note - Please visit the following Scottish Goverment website for all relevant details for Scotland (click here) 

As there is not yet one area that covers everything, we have highlighted the following areas of this website to get you started but this is ever changing (NB – some updated 21st Aug some not valid until 14th Sept)

Phase 3 Staying Safe and Protecting Others (click here)

Guidance on Sport and Leisure Facilities (click here) 

Covid Risk Assessment Guidance (click here)