Retina Festival - Photomarathon 2016

A Photomarathon is a photograph competition with a twist: Over the course of 12 hours you have to take 12 pictures on 12 given topics. It’s not your physical condition, but your sense of creativity and eye for a good photo that that will get you through the day.

There will be prizes for each topic and the judges will be a mix of high profile Retina photographers. On the day of the Photomarathon, Saturday 16th July, each entrant will be issued with a disposable camera with only 12 exposures, starting from Gayfield Creative spaces, 11 Gayfield Square, EH1 3NT.

At 10am, the first set of 4 topics are announced. Everyone then has the next four hours to shoot one image per topic, in the same order as the topics are listed – this is critical. The topics are kept secret and will offer plenty of room for interpretation and creativity.

Four hours later, at 2pm, the next set of topics are announced at all 8 Retina exhibition spaces across the city – entrants simply pop into which ever there are nearest to. This process is repeated again at 6pm.

Entrants have until 10pm to return to Gayfield Creative spaces to hand in their completed cameras – they must only be returned to this venue.

After the Photomarathon day, all the images are collated and printed, before the panel of judges meet to decide the winners of each topic.

All the photos – yes, all of them – then go on show in a free public exhibition at Ocean Terminal, Saturday 25th July until Sunday 30th July.

It will be quite a collection! (click here) for more details.

This event is part of the Retina Festival July 2016 - Edinburgh - Five Weeks - Eight Venues - Sixty-Six Photographers visit their website (click here) for more details. See also additional information in the Factsheet and Programme supplied as downloads below.