Celtic Challenge - Stirling 2017

The Celtic Challenge is a chance for the Celtic countries to get together over a weekend and compete for the Celtic Challenge Trophy. The Countries that come together annually are Scotland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Eire, Northern Ireland, Wales, North Wales and occassionally Brittany. Many of these countries are Federations in their own right, but a few are members of other PAGB Federations, the common link is our Celtic heritage.

In November 2017, the Scottish Photographic Federation are hosting the Celtic Challenge Competition over the weekend of the 18th and 19th Nov. 

As well as the competition itself, which will be Judged by Gwen and Phil Charnock, the weekend features a lecture by Colin Trow-Poole as well as an opportunity for some photography with an organised outing or two, and a dinner to present all of the results and awards.

Details have been added here for the visitors from the participating countries.

More details will appear here shortly for SPF Clubs and their members who are interested in attending this event.