Scottish Salon

Founded in 1904; This is now an International Competition culminating in an Exhibtion of photographic expertise. It is Scotland's only International Salon with both Print and Projected Digital Image Sections, which has gained patronage from FIAP, PSA, RPS, PAGB and now GPU.

We have received international recognition from the Photographic Society of America (PSA) for many years, and have had ‘Federation lnternationale de l’Art Photographique’ (FIAP) patronage continually for every Salon run since 1970. 

Annually we have seen work submitted by authors from approximately fifty Countries around the World. This event is judged in-camera by nine judges. This includes a panel of dedicated nature photographers, for the Nature sections. The accepted entries are then exhibited to the general public for two to three weeks during May/June. An A4 colour catalogue is produced and sent to all of the entrants. 

In 2016 we were to receive even more entries than last year, which was itself a record entry. We received a total of 9,419 prints and PDIs from 56 Countries around the world, which were judged over a long weekend! The Salon this year received Patronage from FIAP, PSA, RPS, PAGB and GPU. A very big thank you to all our entrants over the years. We are also indebted all those who volunteer their time to make it all happen.

The Scottish Salon is one of the SPF's Pre-Qualifying events for the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit, and acceptances and awards gained in this event also count towards your FIAP and PSA Distinctions. GPU also has it's own distinctions and this event also counts towards these.

2017 Event

The Awards Presentation of the 94th Scottish Salon is on Saturday 10th June at Torrance House Gallery, East Kilbride, to which all Award Winners, SPF Club Members and Entrants are invited to attend. Start Time 1pm. The Scottish Salon Exhibition runs from 6th June to 16th June. Full details can be found on both of these events on the Scottish Salon Website (click here)

You will also find all of the award winning images for 2017 in the Scottish Salon Galleries in the Results area of the Scottish Salon Website (click here) Full results are also available to download from this page, and a copy of this year's catalogue will also be available to view after publication.

In 2017 the Scottish Salon again has 6 sections - Prints - Mono Open; Colour Open and Nature; Digital (PDI) - Mono Open; Colour Open and Nature; This event has been Judged and all Results sent out to Individuals or Group organisers by 3rd May.

You can keep up to date with the 2017 Scottish Salon on the Scottish Salon's own website (click here) ONLINE ENTRY NOW OPEN. We are also on facebook (click here) and have our own e-newsletter called the e-Salon which you can sign up for by visiting our website (click here)

This is an International Competition culminating in an Exhibition of photographic expertise. It is the ONLY Scottish International Salon with both PROJECTED and PRINT Sections.

The 94th Scottish International Salon of Photography 2017 has SIX Sections -

3 PRINT SECTIONS (Open Mono, Open Colour and Nature)

AND 3 PROJECTED DIGITAL IMAGE SECTIONS (Open Mono, Open Colour and Nature),

ALL SECTIONS have the approval and patronage of FIAP (2017/217), PSA (2017-113), RPS (2017/22) , PAGB (22/2017) and GPU (L170056).

OVER 160 AWARDS will be presented in 2017, more than ever before, with PSA, FIAP, RPS, PAGB, GPU & SPF Medals, Ribbons and Certificates awarded.

AWARDS FOR - Nature Photographer of the Year

Best Club from Outwith the UK - Best UK Club Outwith Scotland - Best Scottish Club

e-salon Newsletter

The Scottish Salon's newsletter the e-salon gives you up to date information about the current Salon. Those that receive the e-salon direct get the details first. The e-salon gives you hints and tips on entering, and also explains more about the awards that can be won and this year's Judges. 

Visit the Scottish Salon Results page (click here) of the Salon Website for all of the previous e-salons or sign up for your own copy by visiting the Scottish Salon website's mailing list area (click here).

You can download the most recent e-salon Newsletter below - This issue gives you details of the 9 Salon Judges, and introduces 4 of them to you.

Who can enter

The Scottish International Salon is open to all photographers whether SPF members or not. Entries are submitted in advance from throughout the world mainly in March up to the Closing Date (17th April 2017) 

How to submit for Scottish Entrants

Please visit our Scottish Salon website (click here) to complete your online entry. Full Rules and definitions are available there too.

There are special awards for Scottish Residents to win in each of the sections. This is in addition to all of the other awards. You will automatically become eligible for these extra awards when you submit an entry.

There is also a Club Competition and a Trophy for the Best Scottish Club. One person from a Club has to organise and submit all of the entries in to our Online Entry via the Scottish Salon website (click here) - not this SPF website. Please select to enter as a Club, to get the discount price and the Club points. For how the Club results are worked out and full details about entering as a Club visit the Clubs/Groups area of the Scottish Salon website (click here) All Catalogues and results will be sent to the Club/Group organiser. 

The reduced Entry Fees for Club entries are - £1 per print or projected digital image (PDI) - meaning if you only want to enter 1 print in each of the 6 sections you only pay £6. Clubs must enter a minimum of 20 photographs to be eligible for this price.

CLUB COLLATION FORMS FOR 2017 ARE AVAILABLE TO SUPPLY TO YOUR MEMBERS FROM THE DOWNLOAD AREA BELOW to aid in the completion of your entry. These are supplied in both Word and PDF so you can edit if you wish.

Re Hand-On to Edinburgh and Club Entries - As well as handing on Individual's or complete Club Entries; We are happy to hand-on part of a Club's entry to Edinburgh or substitute prints if required, just make sure you supply your entry in two boxes - Just select to forward your entry then email Libby with details and remember to complete Edinburgh's own Online Entry. Please Note - There is NO print hand-on to Northern Counties this year.

The link to Edinburgh International Online Entry Systems is supplied on the Rules page of the Scottish Salon website (click here)

Options for Print Delivery and Collection

Clubs can also use our SPF network to get their prints to and from the Salon for Judging to save on postage. I'm afraid there can be no extension to the 17th April deadline this year, so please ensure your entry is entered and sent to arrive by 17th.

Simply select 'To Collect/Warwick' option on the online entry system, and drop Libby an email via the Scottish Salon website to make arrangements to have your prints returned by collection or via the SPF network (non post).

Entries can be dropped off at Carluke, or to other members of the Salon Team who will be doing the sorting up until the Closing Date - Please contact the person of your choice as soon as possible to make sure they will be able to take the entry to Carluke after your delivery.

Members of the Salon Team that you can deliver to are - Robert Fulton or Tom Bell (Cumbernauld), Joe Prior (Glasgow), Jim Pollock (Larkhall), Allan Gawthrope (Aberdeen) - all before 15th April - They can all be contacted via the SPF Executive area of this website (click here). Prints can be returned the same way.

Please write on your entry form or put a note in your box who you would like to collect your prints from. Please be aware that this will be after 15th July. Alternatively you can have your entry forwarded to Edinburgh International.

Using the Salon Online Entry system

Online Entry ‘HELP’ notes are available below and show the entire Online Entry process as screen grabs.

TIP 1 - When you go to validate your email address when signing up; If our email and validation link doesn’t appear very quickly, please check your Spam/Junk folder. If it’s in your Spam/Junk folder you will need to move it to your Inbox for the link to work. You should also mark us as “trusted”, to ensure you receive your results email or add web [at] to your address book. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a problem.

TIP 2 - Make sure YOU correct any errors before pressing the SUBMIT button. You can amend your entry and SAVE as often as you like up to this point. For any corrections after you have pressed SUBMIT please contact us.

TIP 3 - You can print out a copy of your completed Entry Form at any time. Please remember that we require a paper copy to be enclosed with your prints, or with your cheque or cash payment, if you are not paying by PayPal.

There were a number of Scottish Authors successful in the 2016 Scottish Salon. A few can be seen below. All of the awards won by Scottish authors can be viewed now in two new galleries on this website For Digital Awards (click here) and for Print Awards (click here) . All of the Award winning Images from 2016 are available to view on the Results page of the Scottish Salon website (click here) and select which gallery you wish to view from the light blue bar at the top.

Full results for the 93rd Scottish Salon are also available on our Scottish Salon website and a copy of our 2016 Catalogue is available to view or download too (click here)

Our Exhibition ran from 31st May until 12th June at Torrance House Gallery, Calderglen Country Park, East Kilbride. Our 93rd Scottish Salon Awards Presentation day was held on Sunday 5th June. A few photos from the Presentation of Awards is shown above. Fore more presentation pics visit the news article on the opening (click here)

2016 Event - Scottish Author's Successes
2016 Event - SPF Club Results

The Best Scottish Club 2016 - Octocentenary Trophy - Edinburgh Photographic Society - Three of their Award Winning entries can be viewed below.

2nd Dumfries Camera Club

3rd Bon Accord Camera Club

4th Carluke Camera Club 

5th Paisley Colour Photographic Club

6th Dingwall Camera Club

7th Donside Camera Club

8th Milngavie and Bearsden Camera Club

9th Livingston Camera Club

10th Queen's Park Camera Club

11th Stirling and District Camera Club

12th Craigewan Photographic Group

13th Kirkcaldy Photographic Society

14th Brechin Photographic Society

15th Motherwell Photographic Society

Best Scottish Club 2016 - Edinburgh PS
2015 Event - Scottish Author's Successes

There were a number of Scottish Authors successful in the 2015 Scottish Salon. A few can be seen below. All of the awards won by Scottish authors can be viewed now in two new galleries on this website (click here) .

All of the Award winning Images from 2015 are available to view on the Results page of the Scottish Salon website (click here) and select which gallery you wish to view from the light blue bar at the top.

2015 Event - SPF Club Results

The Best Scottish Club 2015 - Octocentenary Trophy - Dumfries Camera Club

2nd Edinburgh Photographic Society

3rd Bon Accord Camera Club

4th Carluke Camera Club

5th Dingwall Camera Club

6th Paisley Colour Photographic Club

7th Kilmarnock Photographic Group

8th Milngavie & Bearsden Camera Club

9th Queen's Park Camera Club

10th Stirling and District Camera Club