We are a non-profitmaking network of almost 100 clubs and societies from Orkney in the north to Stranraer in the south and all areas in between. The sizes and involvement of each club within the SPF varies widely. Founded in 1903, our remit is to promote the art and science of photography through interaction. To this end, the SPF Executive Committee organises, or participates in, a diary of events annually, mainly in the form of competitions and workshops.

We also maintain a mailing list and supply various services, including our e-newsletter, and SPF Directory which contains all SPF Clubs and our SPF Judge’s & Lecturer’s list.

Through our SPF membership of the PAGB this gives access to the Club network throughout the whole of the UK. Through this affiliation come other benefits including competitive Insurance arrangements for Camera Clubs, exclusive to the PAGB network, which you can take advantage of as an affiliated SPF club.

In addition to this UK membership; as a member Club of the SPF, you, and your members, also automatically become members of FIAP which is a worldwide organisation, currently based in Luxembourg.

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the SPF are the same today as they were when we were founded in 1903 "to promote co-operation between, and organise activities for the mutual benefit of, affiliated societies as well as promoting the general advancement of photography".

SPF Executive

The SPF Executive Committee is made up of volunteers from our member clubs, and is responsible for the general administration of the Federation.

The committee is made up of President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Hon Vice President, Immediate Past President, Ordinary Members and Area Representatives. All are elected at our AGM, except the Area Rep’s who are elected by the clubs in their area.

Office bearers, Ordinary members and Area Rep’s take on the various positions, which include FIAP Liaison Officer, PAGB Executive Member, Judges & Lecturers Secretaries, Custodian and event organisers. For full details of our current Executive Committee (click here) or contact the SPF General Secretary.

SPF Area Representatives

Our clubs are split into areas. Each Area has a post for an Area Representative who is elected by the Clubs in that area. Area Rep’s are full voting members of the SPF Executive, and help to aid communication between the SPF and its member clubs. Many of these areas run their own events. They get together to hold friendly inter-club competitions, photo hunts or share a high-profile speaker.

To find out more about each of the Areas and what clubs belong to each, please visit the guidance area (click here)

You can contact any of the Area Reps from the SPF Executive area (click here)

SPF Constitution

A copy of our current SPF Constitution is below to download.

SPF Events

Historically the SPF has organised competitions, these have grown over the years. Two of these events are audience based where club members can attend whether or not their Club has entered; another results in a CD being available for showing on a Club night, and one is a worldwide competition with an exhibition, and CD ‘to hire’ after the event for a Club night.

SPF Digital Championship is a club competition open to projected digital images (PDI), held in November each year. It is judged in front of an audience by three judges. Entries are submitted in advance.

SPF Print Championship is a club and individual competition open to Monochrome and Colour prints, held in Feb each year. It is judged in front of an audience by three judges. Entries are submitted in advance.

SPF Annual Portfolios is a club and individual competition open to Mono and Colour Prints, and Digital (PDI) entries. Entries submitted by 1st May. Judged in camera, by three judges; Portfolio shows of the accepted entries are sent to Clubs on disc in the Nov following the event.

SPF Scottish International Salon is open to all photographers whether SPF members or not. Entries are submitted in advance from throughout the world in Mar/Apr. It is judged in camera by nine judges. All entrants receive a colour catalogue. An exhibition is held in May/June. A show is available to hire on DVD from the Custodian. The Scottish Salon has its own website to visit it (click here)

SPF Audio Visual Day was run annually by the SPF, but has not run for a couple of years due to dwindling numbers attending. It has varied due to the transition period between traditional and digital. We hope to resurrect this event in a slightly different format. It was previously an audience event for audio visual enthusiasts, with visiting speakers and members sequences. The SPF also regularly runs PAGB Awards Workshops and Judges Assessment days.