FIAP Distinctions Results

FIAP Photographic Distinctions are available to individuals who are members of SPF Clubs via Application through the SPF.

Full details about FIAP Distinctions and how to apply is available from the following area of this website (click here)

This page is dedicated to Scottish successes in FIAP Distinctions over the years, and will also include links to FIAP Distinctions Galleries and additional information as it becomes available.

To find out more about FIAP or to see the FIAP Newsletters visit our FIAP webpage (CLICK HERE)

You will find some of the images from successful FIAP Distinction applicants in our gallery section. (Click here) to view AFIAP images. (Click here) to view EFIAP images and (click here) for EFIAP levels (bronze and silver) 

We hope to bring you some of this year's successful applicants very soon.

SPF's FIAP Distinctions Successes 2023

Congratulations to all of the SPF's FIAP Distinctions applicants listed below who were successful in 2023. They show 6 AFIAP Applications, 3 EFIAP applications, 1 at EFIAP/bronze and 1 at EFIAP/silver. 

You can also visit our 2023 gallery showing their portfolios of images that were used by these authors to gain their Distinction in 2023, (click here) 

A selection of images from their portfolios are also displayed within the FIAP collection on their website. If you would like to see this year's images together with a variety of the images from Scottish applications in recent years please visit (click here) or for a selection from Distinctions successes from throughout the world (click here)

1Mary GibsonCarluke CCAFIAP
2David GoldMearns CCAFIAP
3June GoldMearns CCAFIAP
4Lorna HaytonAyr PSAFIAP
5Ruth HaytonAyr PSAFIAP
6Lynne WatsonKirkintilloch CCAFIAP
7David GreerEdinburgh PSEFIAP
8Roy SmithAyr PSEFIAP
9David SpinksStrathaven CCEFIAP
10Bruce HarleyLivingston CCEFIAP/b
11Alexandra McOristEdinburgh PSEFIAP/s
FIAP 2022 Distinctions Awarded

Congratulations to all of the below successful recipients of this year's FIAP Distinctions Applications. To see a selection of the images used by those successful photographers in their Portfolios to FIAP in 2022 please visit the following SPF galleries (coming soon)

Photographer ClubLevel
1Vlastimil BlahaKirkintilloch CCAFIAP
2William George?AFIAP
3David GreerEdinburgh PSAFIAP
4Kenny McLeanCumbernauld and Kilsyth PSAFIAP
5Marion McMurdoAuchterarder CCAFIAP
6Charlie MooreEastwood PSAFIAP
7Derek NobleEdinburgh PSAFIAP
8David SpinksStrathaven CCAFIAP
9David HaliburtonKirkintilloch CCEFIAP
10Bruce HarleyLivingston CCEFIAP
11Brian CathieQueen's Park CCEFIAP/b
12Norma McDowallPaisley Colour PCEFIAP/b
13Alexandra McOristEdinburgh PSEFIAP/b
14Keith ThorburnOban PCEFIAP/b
15David SadlerDundee PSEFIAP/g
16Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/d3
17Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/d3
18John McNairnDundee PSEFIAP/d3
FIAP Distinctions 2021 Awarded

Congratulations to all of the below successful recipients of this year's FIAP Distinctions Applications. To see a selection of the images used by those successful photographers in their Portfolios to FIAP in 2021 please visit the following SPF galleries - Gallery 1 (click here)  and for Gallery 2 (click here)

1Bruce HarleyLivingstonAFIAP
2Jim StevensonKilmaurs PCEFIAP
3Fiona SpenceEdinburgh PSEFIAP
4Barrie SpenceEdinburgh PSEFIAP
5Bob HumphreysDonside CCEFIAP
6Ken GilliesEdinburgh PSEFIAP
7Ken WilkieEastwood PSEFIAP/b
8David SadlerDundee PSEFIAP/S
9Clive TurnerPaisley PSEFIAP/S
10Andrew HayesBrechin PSEFIAP/G
11Iain McFadyenPaisley PSEFIAP/G
12Bill TerranceKilmaurs PCEFIAP/d2
13John McNairnDundee PSEFIAP/d2
14Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/d2
15Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/d2
FIAP 2020 Distinctions Awarded
1Barrie SpenceEdinburgh PSAFIAP
2Fiona SpenceEdinburgh PSAFIAP
3David HalliburtonKirkintilloch CCAFIAP
4Peter StanfordDunfermline PAAFIAP
5Jim StevensonKilmaurs PCAFIAP
6Brian CathieKirkintilloch CCEFIAP
7David SadlerDundee PSEFIAP/B
8Andy HayesEdinburgh PSEFIAP/S
9John McNairnDundee PSEFIAP/D1
10Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/D1
11Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/D1
12 Bill TerranceKilmaurs PCEFIAP/D1
FIAP 2019 Distinctions Awarded
1Kenneth GilliesEdinburgh PSAFIAP
2Rosemary GilliesEdinburgh PSAFIAP
3Robert HumphriesDonside CCAFIAP
4Peter ClarkDundee PSEFIAP
5Robert QuigKilmaurs PCEFIAP
6Kenneth PetersDundee PSEFIAP
7Keith ThorburnFort William PSEFIAP
8Andrew HayesBrechin PSEFIAP/b
9Iain McFadyenPaisley PSEFIAP/s
10John McNairnDundee PSEFiAP/g
11Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/p
12Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/p
FIAP 2018 Distinctions Awarded
1Allan DonaldsonPaisley Photographic SocietyAFIAP
2James MoirEdinburgh Photographic SocietyAFIAP
3Kenneth PetersDundee Photographic SocietyAFIAP
4Peter ClarkDundee Photographic SocietyAFIAP
5Robert QuigKilmaurs Photographic ClubAFIAP
6Brian CathieKirkintilloch Camera ClubAFIAP
7Keith ThorburnEdinburgh Photographic SocietyAFIAP
8Alexander BerndtEdinburgh Photographic SocietyEFIAP
9Ian MitchellBon Accord Camera ClubEFIAP
10Cameron ScottCarluke Camera ClubEFIAP
11Kenneth WilkieEastwood Photographic SocietyEFIAP
12Alexandra McOristEdinburgh Photographic SocietyEFIAP
13Norma McDowallPaisley Colour Photographic ClubEFIAP
14Iain McFadyenPaisley Photographic SocietyEFIAP/b
15Eion JohnstonEdinburgh Photographic SocietyEFIAP/g
16John McNairnSt Andrews Photographic SocietyEFIAP/g
17Terry RailleyEdinburgh Photographic SocietyEFIAP/g
18Bill TerranceKilmaurs Photographic ClubEFIAP/p
FIAP 2017 Distinctions Awarded
1Alexander BerndtEdinburgh PSAFIAP
2Alexandra McOristEdinburgh PSAFIAP
3Ian MitchellBon Accord CCAFIAP
4Kenneth WilkieEastwood PSAFIAP
5James BlackPaisley Colour PCEFIAP
6Gaille GrayCarluke CCEFIAP
7Andrew HayesBrechin PSEFIAP
8Iain McFadyenPaisley PSEFIAP
9David SadlerDundee PSEFIAP
10Douglas VernimmenEdinburgh PSEFIAP/bronze
11Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/silver
12John McNairnSt Andrews PSEFIAP/silver
13Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/silver
14Richard BinghamEdinburgh PSEFIAP/gold
15Bill TerranceKilmaurs PSEFIAP/gold
FIAP 2016 Distinctions Awarded
1David SadlerDundee PSAFIAP
2Gaillie GrayCarluke CCAFIAP
3Cameron ScottCarluke CCAFIAP
4Andrew HayesBrechin PSAFIAP
5Iain McFadyenPaisley PSAFIAP
6Moira GardnerKirkcaldy PSEFIAP
7Ken LindsayEastwood PSEFIAP
8Roger HintonBon Accord CCEFIAP
9Karen BerryEdinburgh PSEFIAP
10John McNairnSt Andrews PSEFIAP/b
11Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP/b
12Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP/b
13Bill TerrenceKilmaurs PCEFIAP/s
FIAP 2015 Distinctions Awarded
1Moira GardnerKirkcaldy PSAFIAP
2Katherine (Kay) MenmuirPerthshire PSAFIAP
3Robert GilmourCowal CCAFIAP
4Roger HintonBon Accord CCAFIAP
7Norma McDowallPCPCAFIAP
8John McNairnSt Andrews PSEFIAP
9Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSEFIAP
10Jimmy MassonEdinburgh PSEFIAP
11Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSEFIAP
12Pat CopnerPatricia CatherineEFIAP
13Nicola ShepherdSt Andrews PSEFIAP
14Bill TerranceKilmaurs PCEFIAP/B
15Clive TurnerPaisley PSEFIAP/B
16Colin StaceyDundee PSEFIAP/B
17Richard BinghamEdinburgh PSEFIAP/S
18Neil ScottEdinburgh PSEFIAP/S
19Robert FultonPCPCMFIAP
20Peter PatersonEdinburgh PSMFIAP