Historically the SPF has encouraged the interaction of its Camera Clubs by running and organising competitions and events. These have grown over the years. This area of our website is devoted these events.

The SPF have organised one off events, and hosted and organised PAGB events from time to time as well as the Cetic Challenge. It is the SPF's own events that prove most popular - Two of these events are audience based where Club members can attend whether or not their Club has entered; one results in a CD being available for showing on a Club night, and one has an Exhibition, Colour Catalogue and presentation of Awards.

Our PAGB Awards Workshops and Judges Assessment Days also prove popular.

You will find lots of information about all of our events on this section of the website. Our Guidance Area supplements some of these events with additional information which you may find useful.

The organisers of each event are listed on each event page, but you can also contact Libby Smith if you require further clarification.