SPF Workshops

The SPF has run a variety of workshops over the years including Portrait Workshops, Judging Workshops, AV Workshops and PAGB Awards Workshops.

Currently running are PAGB Awards Workshops and Judges Assessment Days. Further details on both can be found below..

These Days are currently free and are open to all SPF club members, but there are pre-requirements, and generally these events must be pre-booked. 

More details on the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit can be found on it's dedicated pages of this website (click here) also visit the galleries area (click here) for loads of successful CPAGB, DPAGB and MPAGB panels.

Full details on the 'SPF Judges Assessment Day' or other options as to 'How to Become an SPF Judge' can be found by visiting the 'All Things Judging and Lecturing' page of this website (click here)

PAGB Awards

All you need to know about the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit is given on this page (click here)

FREE - PAGB Awards Assessment Day 17th September 2023 run by the SPF - must be pre-booked. This event is for people wishing work to be assessed, prior to submitting work to the PAGB for Adjudication. A booking form is available below for this event. EVENT FULL

FREE - PAGB Awards Zoom Presentation Event 2nd October 2023 - no pre-booking required. Zoom details will be sent out to Club Secretaries or available from Libby in the week leading up to this event

FREE - PAGB Awards Assessment Day 18th November 2023 run by the PAGB - must be pre-booked. This event will give an overview of the PAGB Awards scheme, and is also for people wishing work to be assessed, prior to submitting work to the PAGB for Adjudication. A booking form will appear in the downloads area below as soon as it becomes available for this event. 

In recent years the PAGB Awards Workshops have been run two or three times a year (typically Jan & Aug/Sept approx), and proved to be extremely popular. The aim of these workshops is to assist those people interested in gaining PAGB Distinctions - BPAGB, CPAGB, DPAGB, EPAGB, MPAGB. These workshops are currently free and are open to all SPF club members. These events are open to observers but observers must still be pre-booked.

These Workshops are tailored to help you through the process of gaining a PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit (BPAGB, CPAGB, DPAGB, EPAGB, MPAGB). Please take the opportunity to attend one of these if you are interested in finding out more whatever stage you are at. 

It is recommended but not compulsory that you attend an SPF Awards Workshop and receive advice on what level / medium / or when to apply. You can take along Prints or PDI and find out if your work is of the standard required, and get hints to improve quality.

We have the advantage here in Scotland that the organisers of these workshops are also on the PAGB Awards Sub-committee of every Adjudication - Rod Wheelans, Chairman and Libby Smith PAGB Awards CES upload Technical Support and regular Adjudicator.

Contact Libby Smith for details or visit this workshop area for details of upcoming workshops as soon as details are available.

Please visit the Diary page of this website for up to date details of forthcoming workshops.


SPF Judges Assessment Days

Next Assessment Day 10th Sept 2023 - If you were considering becoming a Judge get in contact with the Judge's Liaison Officer, Hunter Kennedy now (Click Here) Please Note - It is not possible to send Questionnaires by this contact link.

The SPF runs these Assessment Days for those interested in becoming an SPF 'B' Listed accredited Judge. They are for Club members interested in Judging, but before attending you should have had some practical Judging experience.

The purpose of the SPF Judges Assessment Day is to ascertain if you are ready to be added to the SPF’s ‘B’ List of Accredited Judges details of which will be listed in the SPF Directory. This is our opportunity to see prospective 'B' List Judges in action, with a view to inviting a few new faces on to our SPF Judges list. We try to ensure this event is run annually.

Judging Assessment Days are popular, although slightly misunderstood - They are not intended to tell you what Judges are looking for, or how to Judge, but instead are an opportunity for the SPF to invite new Judges on to their list, or for those with some Judging experience to hone their skills. These have now changed their names from 'Workshops' to try and avoid confusion. 

Applicants require to complete a 'Questionnaire' which should show if they hold both the knowledge and experience of photography, and that of SPF Club photography, along with the practical experience and/or presentation skills to attend an Assessment Day, with a view to be invited to become an SPF 'B' Listed Judge. We will use the Questionnaire supplied to assess if you already have the experience to benefit from this Assessment Day. 

These Assessment Days are free and are open to all SPF club members. These events must be pre-booked, and observers are not permitted. We try to run this event annually. 

During the Day we will discuss with you the pleasures and pitfalls of Judging, what clubs will expect, what you should expect, along with presentation skills. You will be asked to demonstrate your own presentation and judging skills with practical presentations.

Please see further details on the 'SPF Judges Assessment Day' or other options as to 'How to Become an SPF Judge' by visiting the 'All Things Judging and Lecturing' page of this website (click here) where you will find further details, along with the required 'Questionnaire', Guidance Notes, and details to assist all levels of Judges. 

Those with little or no Judging experience, or those who are not yet ready for an Assessment Day should consider going on to our SPF 'C' List of Judges. Again more details on the above link or from Hunter.