Date Title Location
14th Oct 2023 PAGB Executive Meeting Warwick University
21st Oct 2023 PAGB Print Championship The Croston Theatre, Blackburn (see map)
29th Oct 2023 SPF Annual General Meeting Online
9th Nov 2023 SPF Digital Championship 2023 Online Closing Date Online (see map)
12th Nov 2023 SPF Executive Meeting on Zoom Online
18th Nov 2023 CPAGB DPAGB MPAGB - A Day All About the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit Victoria Hall, Dunblane (see map)
18th Nov 2023 PAGB Awards Day by the PAGB for Print & PDIs Victoria Hall, Dunblane (see map)
19th Nov 2023 SPF Digital Championship 2023 Victoria Hall, Dunblane (see map)
3rd Dec 2023 PAGB Masters of Print Online Closing Date Online
9th Dec 2023 to 10th Dec 2023
7th PAGB Masters of Print Judging and Selection TBC (TBC)
7th Jan 2024 PAGB GB Cups and GB Trophy Closing Date Online Online
20th Jan 2024 SPF Print Championship Closing Date for receipt of Prints to Drop-Off points To Drop-Off Points
21st Jan 2024 SPF Executive Meeting Venue (TBC)
3rd Feb 2024 PAGB Masters of Print Exhibition Opening St. Martin in the Bull Ring, (see map)
5th Feb 2024 SPF Print Championship Online Entry Closing Date Online (see map)
10th Feb 2024 SPF Print Championship Final Close for Receipt of Prints Direct to Carluke Carluke
10th Feb 2024 to 11th Feb 2024
SPF Print Championship - Print sorting weekend Carluke
10th Mar 2024 SPF Executive Meeting Online
13th Apr 2024 PAGB Annual General Meeting Venue (TBC)