SPF Digital Championship

The SPF Digital Championship is a club competition open to projected digital images (PDIs), held in November each year. It is judged in front of an audience by three judges. Entries are submitted in advance by the club. Club and individual awards are made. After two rounds the top 8 Clubs contest the Final, the remaining clubs contest the Plate Trophy. The top two clubs from the Final are invited to represent the SPF at the PAGB Digital Championship (click here) held the following July.

All SPF Club Members can attend this event whether you, or your club, have entered the competition. The cost of admission to the event is £7. No pre-booking is required. Come along to a great day and see over 700 Projected Images from all over Scotland.

Since 2016 - Four additional individual awards are being presented - Best Nature, Best Creative, Best Landscape and Best Portrait with Judge's Choices and Best Overall.

Please see Nature Definition (click here) for what is eligible for the Nature Award. The other award categories do not have a definition and will be defined by the Judges.

Maximum File size now 1600 x 1200 but smaller file sizes are still accepted.

NEW for 2018 - New Data Protection Rule (Full details below)

2018 Event

The 2018 SPF Digital Championship will be held on Sunday 18th Nov 2018 at Stirling Court Hotel.

The Judges for this event are -

Roger Hance FRPS EFIAP BPE5 from Colchester

Tillman Kleinhans ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/b BPE2 from St Helens

David Butler MFIAP EPSA from Wigan

Submission is by Online Entry via our SPF website for this competition. Online Entry Closing Date - 4th Nov 2018 with payment and paperwork to arrive by 11th Nov.

Please ensure you have emailed Libby with details of your Competition Secretary if there has been a change since the last SPF event. That person will receive an email confirming details of the event, with a follow up email as soon as the Online Entry is open. Online Entry will open early Oct.

You do not have to name your files in a specific way, the website will do this for you from the titles you enter. Make sure they are a maximum of 1600x1200, and saved as jpeg. It is advised that they be in the sRGB colour space.

Please see Rules below for full details.

Note - Rule change for 2018 is the inclusion of the following rule due to the introduction of our required Data Protection Policy - ‘By entering, the Photographer consents to the retention by the SPF of information identifying the Photographer as the creator of an Image. Where a Federation or Club is the Entrant on behalf of multiple Photographers, then the Entrant warrants that each Photographer has consented to the retention of identifying information as if the Photographer had entered in person. By virtue of submitting an entry the entrant certifies the work as his own and permits the SPF to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and /or display in media related to its Competitions, including on its website or by circulation to its member Clubs. The Photographer of each image will normally be credited with any use. The SPF assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright.’  To read the full SPF Data Protection Policy (click here)

Entries must be submitted in advance - Only one person must collate and submit all entries from a club, this is usually the Club's Competition Secretary – Maximum Bank of 40 Images; Minimum required 20 – Max 25% nature in any one round - 1st Round Entry selected in advance (8 Images, max 2 per author) – Someone must attend to select your following rounds on the day – Round 2 must be all new images from the bank (8 Images, max 2 per author) – Plate (10 images) and Final Rounds (20 images) you can reuse any images - Images from your ‘bank’ not projected can be used in future years.

Who can Enter

The competition is open to all SPF Clubs, collated and submitted by one person from the Club, usually the competition secretary. The total entries in your available ‘bank’ for your Club must not exceed 40 PDIs. You require a minimum of 20 images to participate in all rounds.

How to Enter

Club secretaries are asked to collate their club entry. We ask for the club person collating the entries to supply their contact details, and address in case of any queries during processing. We do not need any information about the author other than their name.

The entry fee for this year is £20. Please make cheques payable to the ‘Scottish Photographic Federation’ and send with a printed copy of your completed form that will be available after processing, to arrive with the organiser by the deadline given in the Rules.

For 2018, entry will again be via online entry upload of images through our website. You will enter your ‘bank of images’ and then select your 1st round from those as before. You will only have to size your image; there will be no need to filename in a particular way. You will simply be entering an image title and author name for each image up to a maximum of 40 images. Nature images will also require to be indicated in the column provided. See Nature Definition (click here) for what is eligible for the Nature award.

Please see the full rules for the number of nature images allowed in each round. Images from rounds 1 and 2 can be reused in the Plate or Final rounds.

Full rules for 2018 are now available above. We have supplied a copy of our manual bank of images form (above) for your own use when collating the PDIs. 

2017 Results

The 2017 SPF Digital Championship was held on Sunday 19th Nov 2017 at Stirling Court Hotel. 27 Clubs competed in the Competition, although many more Clubs were represented in the audience on the day. This year it was part of our Celtic Challenge Weekend, where the Celtic nations come together to contest the Celtic Challenge Trophy.

The Judges for this year's event were; Colin Trow-Poole MPAGB FRPS FIPF from Arden, MCPF and Gwen and Phil Charnock FRPS MFIAP from Wigan, L&CPU. The final results ca be found below. All of the Award Winning pictures will appear here very soon, and in the following galleries.

A full gallery of the Award winning images is available to view in our gallery area (click here), along with the Plate Trophy winning Clubs (click here) and Ian Bowie Memorial Trophy winning Club (click here).

There was some great photography, thanks to the Clubs who have entered, and to all those SPF photographers and Cetic guests who attended. Also, a very big thankyou to this year's sponsors of the event who have all given generously in the form of raffle prizes. Please support these companies, who help us keep the cost of the event down to our member Clubs - Click on the following links to visit their websites -

Nomad Cases - Boxes for Photographic Prints

Ffordes Photographic - Photographic Equipment supplier and Second Hand Equipment Specialist, Beauly 

Permajet - Paper and Ink Manufacturer and Supplier

Fotospeed - Paper and Ink Manufacturer and Supplier

Burning Pine - Business Communications Experts

Johnstons of Elgin - World Leaders in Cashmere and Woollens

2016 Results

The 2016 SPF Digital Championship was held on Sunday 13th Nov 2016 at Stirling Court Hotel. 26 Clubs competed in this competition. 

The Judges for this year's event were - 

Howard Tate MA(Phot) ARPS AFIAP from YPU

Kathryn Scorah MPAGB FBPE from L&CPU


A full gallery of the Award winning images is available to view in our gallery area (click here), along with the Plate Trophy winning Club (click here) and Ian Bowie Memorial Trophy winning Club (click here).

2016 Winning Images
2016 Event Sponsored by

Please support these sponsors who have supported the 2016 event.

Paper Spectrum



2015 Winning Images
2015 Results

The 2015 SPF Digital Championship was held on 22nd November 2015 at Stirling Court Hotel, Stirling University, Stirling FK9 4LA.

The three Judges for 2015 were -

Jane Lines MPAGB LRPS BPE4 from Chorley, Lancashire & Cheshire PU

Adrian Lines MPAGB FBPE EFIAP from Chorley, Lancashire & Cheshire PU

Gordon Jenkins APAGB from Chorley, Lancashire & Cheshire PU

Visit our Gallery for more of the top and winning Club's images from the 2015 Digital Championship (click here)

2014 Results

Best Overall Club - Ian Bowie Trophy - Dumfries Camera Club

Runner Up - Dundee Photographic Society

Best Plate Club - Plate Trophy - Dingwall Camera Club

Plate Runner Up - St Andrews Photographic Society

Best Image – On Jokulsarlon Beach by Ken Lindsay, Eastwood PS

Dave Symonds’ Judge’s Choice – Reaching new Heights by Al Buntin, Dundee PS

Chris Palmer’s Judge’s Choice – Osprey Fishing in the Mist by Jo McIntyre, Dumfries CC

Gordon Jenkins’ Judge’s Choice – Luskentyre Light by Ken Lindsay, Eastwood PS

Full details of the 2014 Results are available below to download.

Winning Images 2014