We are a non-profitmaking network of almost 100 clubs and societies from Thurso in the north to Dumfries in the south and all areas in between. The sizes and involvement of each club within the SPF varies widely. Founded in 1903, our remit is to promote the art and science of photography through interaction.

To this end, the SPF Executive Committee organises, or participates in, a diary of events annually, mainly in the form of competitions and workshops.

All of the services and events* contained in this website are exclusive to those Clubs, and their members, who are members of the Scottish Photographic Federation, and in turn their membership of PAGB and FIAP. No other Scottish organisation can offer you these services. 

Through our SPF membership of the PAGB** this gives our Clubs and their members access to the Club network throughout the whole of the UK. Through this affiliation come other benefits including competitive Insurance arrangements for Camera Clubs, exclusive to the PAGB network, which you can take advantage of as an affiliated SPF club.

In addition to this UK membership; as a member Club of the SPF, you, and your members, also automatically become members of FIAP*** which is a worldwide organisation, currently based in Luxembourg.

*except Scottish Salon which is open to anyone. **Photographic Alliance of Great Britain ***Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique

Who Can Join

If you are interested in Joining don't hesitate to contact the SPF General Secretary to find out if we cater for what you are looking for. You can also visit the About area of this website to find out what we do (click here) or visit the Services area of this website (click here) for details of our Conditions of Membership as well as our Subscription Rates and what services we offer our member Clubs.

For Clubs to be able to join the SPF they must be a camera club, photographic society, photographic club or photographic group with a published constitution and published program of events, united by a common interest in photography, meeting in person for mutual co-operation, education, entertainment or competition solely from a physical location within Scotland.

In order to help preserve Club memberships we do not accept individual membership, however there are opportunities that individuals within our clubs can benefit from, so why not consider joining one? Go to the Clubs section of this website to see a list of our member Clubs (click here).