External Competitions

The SPF enter a number of competitions as a Federation, some on an annual basis and others biennially. We rely entirely on our Clubs, and in many cases individuals from our Clubs, supplying us entries to enable us to compete in these events. Any member from an SPF Club can submit work for selection in any of these events. You don't have to submit through your Club and there is no entry fee payable.

There is a benefit to you too, as well as having your work seen on a wider platform; These events all count towards your SPF pre-qualification requirements for the PAGB Awards (CPAGB etc), and the FIAP Biennial ones counts towards your FIAP Distinctions points. As well as the Federation placing, in each of the events, there are Individual Awards 'up for grabs' in all of these competitions.

In this area you will be able to find out more about these external events that the SPF itself competes in. All bar the FIAP Biennials are normally open or nature in subject, some may be in print and other digital (PDI). Information will also appear here for future FIAP Biennial entries, when we are looking for entries of a specific 'genre' - see what our chosen 'themes' are at any one time just by visiting this area of the website.