The Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique (FIAP) is an international organisation, formed in 1950 and now based in Luxembourg, whose members are national associations of photographic societies. FIAP have approximately 86 member countries at present. The Scottish Photographic Federation is one of them; therefore all SPF Clubs, and their members, are affiliated to FIAP. PAGB and the Welsh Federation are also members.

Individuals cannot join FIAP, they must join a Federation or Country member such as the SPF, through one of its Clubs.

FIAP co-ordinate a range of activities and services between the National Federations or Countries throughout the year. FIAP's Activities include - Distinctions both Photographic and Service Awards - FIAP Biennials - FIAP Patronages for Salons and Exhibitions - FIAP World Cup Competition for Clubs - Photographer's Card - Audio Visual - FIAP Collections.  

Clubs and their members within Scotland must access a number of activities/services via the SPF. In this web area we have tried to direct you to the FIAP website or to the SPF area as appropriate.

Anyone requiring to contact the SPF about their FIAP Distinctions should contact Libby Smith (click here)

Visit the NEW FIAP website for more about the organisation (click here) or have a read through their Official FIAP Book (click here)

FIAP Nature Definition and Other Definitions

Please see the NEW FIAP Definitions announced late 2023 which come into effect May 2024.

Some of the changes in the regulations have been implemented as a result of the ongoing collaborative work with the PSA. A new Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed by FIAP and PSA in October that further detailed the agreements being made by both organisations.

  • A revised FIAP/PSA definition for Nature/Wildlife shown on the below download. (The old definition is there as a comparison)
  • The “Travel” section will no longer be an option for salons with FIAP Patronage and will be replaced by the option to have a “World in focus” section. The definition for this section is shown on the below download. 
  • There is a new FIAP/PSA definition for Photojournalism; this is also shown on the download.

A reminder that pictures created by artificial intelligence are not allowed in any salon with FIAP Patronage! All parts of the image have to be photographed by the author who is holding the copyright of all works submitted. Offenders will be sanctioned for life!

FIAP Newsletter

FIAP now produces it's own Newsletter periodically. The latest can be found below -

or visit the new FIAP News webpage where you can find all of the FIAP newsletters available (click here) 

The December 2018 FIAP News newsletter available below contains information on the FIAP congress where Scotland's winning World Cup Mono Biennial Panel was displayed in South Africa.

FIAP Distinctions - AFIAP, EFIAP...

FIAP Photographic Distinctions are available to individuals who are members of SPF Clubs. Firstly, you must participate in salons with FIAP patronage to gain acceptances. You require to keep a note of all the competitions you have entered. When you have completed the requirement, you can submit an application for the Distinction to FIAP. 

All applications for FIAP distinctions must be made through the SPF, who is responsible for checking the information given. You do this through the SPF's FIAP Liaison Officer. The SPF is only permitted to submit applications to FIAP once a year so please check the timetable.

Full details about FIAP Distinctions and how to apply via the SPF is available from this website (click here)

For a list of Exhibitions (Salons) with FIAP patronage please note there is now a NEW FIAP PATRONAGES SITE to visit (click here) Remember our own Scottish International Salon and the Edinburgh International both count towards your FIAP Distinctions.

NB - The Scottish Salon is not currently running due to a shortage of manpower.

FIAP Life (Photographer's) Card

The FIAP Life (Photographer's) Card is a credit card size identity card issued by FIAP. You require to have one if you wish to submit a FIAP Distinction application. Full details are available on the FIAP Distinctions area of our website (click here) to visit

FIAP Biennials

These are Competitions and Exhibitions, each in a particular medium – Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints, Projected Images, Nature. Within the medium, each country chooses a theme, and the judging includes an assessment of coherence within the theme. Different Countries host each of the Biennials. FIAP Medals and other awards are made to the entrants. Scotland enters Biennials independently of PAGB and WPF. 

Go to the following area of this website for more on the SPF's entry to FIAP Biennials (click here) 

For full results of all the recent FIAP Biennials visit the FIAP website (click here)

FIAP World Cup for Clubs

The FIAP World Cup is a world wide projected image competition between camera clubs, organised by FIAP. The FIAP World Cup competitions have been organised annually since 2006. FIAP Medals and Awards are made to Clubs and individual images.

SPF Clubs are eligible to enter - Please ensure you enter as Scotland, Scottish Photographic Federation (Not Great Britain as we are separately affiliated to FIAP) 

You enter this event directly to FIAP, and full Rules for the next event are available from the FIAP Website (click here) and for results of previous years.

Details for the 2023 event are available from the above page or go direct to (click here) - FIAP Online entry closes 3rd Dec 2023 

If there are any queries, please do not send them to the SPF, they should be directed to the relevant FIAP officer michele.macinai[at]

FIAP Patronage

FIAP grants patronage to International Salons and Exhibitions who run their events within the standards laid down by FIAP. Approximately 250 Salons/Exhibitions receive patronage annually, including two in Scotland; The Edinburgh International (click here) and the SPF's own Scottish International Salon (click here) two of the oldest photographic Salons in the world. 

FIAP Medals and Ribbons are awarded to successful individuals. Acceptances and Awards for these Exhibitions count towards FIAP Distinctions. A list of all Exhibitions with FIAP Patronage is available from the NEW FIAP Patronages website. (click here)