Call For Images - FIAP Biennials

The SPF are currently seeking images for potential use in the FIAP Biennial competitions. These competitions involve submitting Prints or PDIs to a host nation using a theme chosen by each entering Nation. As well as judging and marking each image in a traditional way, marks are also awarded to how closely each entry meets their own chosen theme.

It is therefore important that our own selection panel have a wide choice of submissions to choose from. Initially we would like to see the PDI versions of each image to enable a selection of each panel. These to be formatted in the normal way you would prepare for an internal club competition i.e. 1600 pixels long or 1400 pixels long, and emailed to Robert Fulton. Please see the following PDF for full details (click here for PDF) Full details also on FIAP Biennials page of this website (click here)

The 2018 Themes, chosen by the SPF are -

Natural History Section - “Scottish Mammals” “Raptors” These must comply with FIAP Natural History Definitions (Click here for definition)

Black and White Section - “Trees in the Landscape” “People in Places” N.B. Coloured images are also welcome, as we can convert if selected.

Below are some examples of what we are looking for -