Charlie Waite - Thinking Photography - FIAP Photo Academy Zoom Lecture

The FIAP Photo Academy is pleased to host this presentation by this renowned photographer.

'Thinking Photography with Charlie Waite' will take place on Friday 1st September 2023 at 7pm. (Click here) to register for this free event to be hosted on Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent by email the day before.

In Charlie's words - "Landscape photography is a way of life and is an essential method of expression for Charlie Waite. In discussing his work, he refers to 'pre-visualisation' first used by the great American landscape photographer Ansel Adams, from which he draws much inspiration amongst others. "It is the creative act of the artist-photographer who, in visualising a poetic or revealing image within the scene in front of him, anticipates what the final print must convey to express what he sees and feels".

Charlie refers to Ansel Adams and other artists and photographers who have inspired him and shaped his work.