Falkirk Camera Club Diamond Jubilee Exhibition

Genesis To Jubilee - The Story of Falkirk Camera Club opened on 31st March 2018 in The Gallery at Falkirk Town Hall, West Bridge St., Falkirk.

This exhibition 'Genesis To Jubilee' is the Story Of Falkirk Camera Club telling the story of their 60 year journey. The exhibition has been extended to 31st May 2018 and is supported by Falkirk Community Trust. Admission Free. More information on their website (click here) 

Falkirk Town Hall is open most days but please check with them before travelling on, 01324 - 506177. Mon - Sat 9.30am - 3.30pm. Sun - Please call.

In 1889 photographers in Falkirk banded together to form the Falkirk Amateur Photographic Association. That group survived two World Wars and various incarnations before, on 17th April 1958, becoming the Falkirk Camera Club which we know today.

The exhibition includes a c1890’s photograph of those first Falkirk photographers together with a photograph of some current Falkirk Camera Club members taken recently in the same spot at Callendar House - Falkirk. Those recent photographs, plus short biographies of some of today’s members will join those 19th century images in the Falkirk History Archives at Callendar House for the benefit of future generations. Callendar House is now a Heritage Centre and Local History & Archeology Archive operated by Falkirk Community Trust.

For the first time in almost 80 years, we exhibit the first photograph which a Club photographer, John P. Munn, exhibited internationally by touring it in the U.S.A. immediately before that country entered WWII. Also included is the first Falkirk C.C. Print Of The Year, by Dr J. McMurray, from the re-named Falkirk Camera Club in 1958.

The exhibition continues with the 1962 Monochrome Print Of The Year by Peter Easton, still active in the Club today. We exhibit photographs which were exhibited by Falkirk C.C. members in International Exhibitions from the 1980’s onwards and crucially, the work of photographers who have only joined the group within the past few months. 

Falkirk and District Photographic Association joined the Scottish Photographic Federation in 1923, and remains a member today as Falkirk Camera Club. To visit Falkirk Camera Club's website (click here) or to read more about their history (click here)

Exhibition Opening Event

"We had a terrific day at our Exhibition Event on Saturday 7th April and included among our guests Roy Chalmers, a descendant of Thomas Chalmers who is third from the left in the back row in the Office Bearers photograph (at the top of this page). We now have three Falkirk Camera Club videos on You Tube including one on Thomas (click here)

The daughter of Malcolm Logie, whose B&W Print was accepted to the 1955 Scottish International Salon, and is in the Exhibition was also present. The daughter of Dr J.J. McMurray, mentioned in the article, had just arrived back in the UK from some time in Australia and was not able to attend. However, she had not met Malcolm’s daughter for 60 years and each requested to make contact so we are arranging that now." Allistair Kean, Falkirk CC