FIAP Nature Biennial - Photos needed by 6th June

We need your photos by 6th June - Do you have photographs that would fit the following themes?

'Ospreys' or 'Kingfishers' for the Print Entry or 'Bird Behavourial Duos' for the Projected

We apologise for the very short notice of this call for images. Unfortunately FIAP gave very little notice for this Nature Biennial hosted by Serbia. This is open to all SPF Club members to submit images.

If you have any photos that you think might fit the above themes please send them to Clive Turner FIAP Liaison Officer at the details below.  PDIs (Colour) only in the first instance please (1400x1050 or 1024x768 jpegs**) to Clive Turner, FIAP Liaison Officer (click here) Please remember to supply a note of your name and Club please. ** - please do not send smaller than this as we cannot properly assess the quality

All images submitted must conform to the strict Nature Definition (click here)

Please be aware that large files will be required for all images chosen (Longest size minimum 2400 pixels for the PDI entry, and a print size file for those chosen for the print)

Hopefully the following PDF will give you some idea of what we mean by the themes we have chosen. You can also visit the FIAP Biennial page of this website for more examples (click here)

We look forward to seeing what you come up with.