FIAP Photo Academy Invite - Photographing Flowers for Transparency with Harold Davis

For any SPF Club members who might be interested in attending this Online Event - Photographing Flowers for Transparency with Harold Davis on Saturday 21st January 2023 at 18:00 London Time Presented by the FIAP Photo Academy Online Events

In this comprehensive, overview presentation, Harold Davis shows his stunning floral imagery and explains in detail his process for light box photography. Botanical composition, exposure, and post-production are explained.

Harold says: “Light box photography is a joy in and of itself, and is a great form of photography to practice at home with relatively minimal investment in equipment. Techniques that can be learned from light box photography cut across myriad aspects of photography, and will enrich all aspects of your photographic practice.”

While technical details will be provided, the gist of the presentation is the joy of Harold’s celebrated and joyous floral imagery, where arrangement, colors, and composition are as bold as your imagination.

About Harold Davis:

Harold Davis is an artist, photographer, educator, and the bestselling author of many books, including Photographing Flowers, from Focal Press, called the “most comprehensive” guide to flower photography ever written by Rangefinder Magazine. More recent books include Composition & Photography and Creative Garden Photography, both from Rocky Nook.

Harold is the developer of a unique technique for photographing flowers for transparency, for which he was awarded the 2022 Photographic Society of America Progress award. According to Popular Photo Magazine, “Harold Davis’s ethereal floral arrangements have a purity and translucence that borders on spiritual.”

He is a Moab Master, and a Zeiss Ambassador, and an internationally known photographer, as well as a sought-after workshop leader. In 2022, two of Harold’s floral images were produced as United States postage stamps.

Harold’s website is (click here) If you wish to attend please register to attend by filling the form at this link (click here)