Info for SPF Member Clubs to gain Access to the PAGB Recorded Lecture Service

Info for SPF Club Members and Clubs Gaining Access to the PAGB’s CES Website Including gaining PAGB Recorded Lecture Service

The PAGB’ Competition Entries System (CES); amongst other things allows all PAGB affiliated Clubs (including all SPF Clubs) access to the PAGB’s Recorded Lecture Service (More details about the PAGB RLS from PAGB e-news 264 extract below). Clubs may also use this access to enter PAGB Competitions such as the PAGB GB Cup and Trophy, or access their records for past events.

Following on from our previous guidance there has been a recent change to the way log-in access to the PAGB's CES Website works.

The enquiries the SPF have received recently from SPF Club Committee Members ask why they can’t gain access to this PAGB site even although they are a PAGB affiliated Club via their SPF membership and have SPF website access. To clarify, the SPF administers its own SPF website, and that is what every SPF Club is set up to access by the SPF, currently for entry to the SPF Admin area for competition entry (by Libby), this website log-in access is only for this SPF website.

NEW - Although all SPF Member Clubs are listed on the PAGB CES website by the SPF, it is up to Individuals to make their own registration on the PAGB Competition Entry System (CES) site to gain access for the access they require.

NEW - You can now register once and upgrade your registration to all of the following using the one log-in - 'Club Member', 'Speaker' (Judge or Lecturer) and as a 'Club' or 'Federation Officer'. This means you can create an Individual Log-In and then request or change the registration as your requirements for access to the site changes. You no longer require a different log-in for each different purpose. All registrations will require subsequent approval by the relevant Data Manager.

NEW - All Log-ins now require to be made using a personal email address this is to improve security and increase simplicity of use, the system now only accepts personal logins, so anonymous or shared accounts are no longer permitted e.g. secretary@ type email addresses cannot be used, and you should not give your log-in details to anyone else in your Club.

Any SPF Club Member is welcome to create a log-in to the PAGB CES. Once approved you can request a 'Club Member', 'Speaker' (Judge or Lecturer) and as a 'Club' or 'Federation Officer' Registration using the 'Registration' part of the site once logged in dependent on your eligibility to gain access to that area.

After creating an Individual Log-In;

If you have not already done when you created your log-in you should register as a ‘Club Member’; Those individuals who are -

  • SPF A, B or C Listed Judges or SPF listed Lecturers are eligible to register as a ‘Speaker’
  • Club Committee Members are eligible to register as a ‘Club Officer’
  • SPF Executive Members are eligible to register as a ‘Federation Officer’

Each of these registrations will allow you access to different areas of the CES, and give you different permissions.

See the example below for how to create a Log-In and then ‘Register’ for additional access.

TO CREATE AN INDIVIDUAL LOG-IN: You can do this by going to the PAGB CES website (click here) and clicking on the green CES Login button and add all of the required information (including choosing a password for yourself).

Your request for access will require to be verified by the PAGB who will do so within 48 hrs.

If requiring to access Recorded Lectures, or to complete a Competition Entry for your Club using your Individual Log-In to do so you will require to now register as a Club Officer.

To do so;

  • Once your Individual Log-In has been activated;
  • Use the REGISTRATIONS area (shown on the PDF download) to register as a Club Officer for the Club you wish to purchase the Recorded Lecture for.
  • (You should have already indicated your Club when you created you initial Log-In – If you didn’t you require to click the Club Member Registration first and waiting for that to be approved before creating the Club Officer Log-In)

All areas of registration will require to be verified but you can speed up this process for Club Officers if you make sure you are already listed as a Club Committee member on your Club’s website. Once approved, you will have access to log in and out as you wish and access and download a Recorded Lecture.

This PAGB site is currently under construction as at Jan 2022, and will shortly allow all currently listed SPF Judges and Lecturers to add their details under the ‘Speaker’ registration option - this area of the site is not fully functioning yet.

You can download a PDF copy of this article together with PAGB Recorded Lecture Service details from the PAGB e-news from the downloads area below