Info for SPF Member Clubs to gain Access to the PAGB Recorded Lecture Service

Following on from a recent PAGB e-news article the SPF have had a number of enquires from SPF Member Clubs trying to gain access to download PAGB Recorded Lectures for their Clubs.

The PAGB Central Entry System, also known as the PAGB CES Website, amongst other things, allows all PAGB affiliated Club Officials (including all SPF Clubs) access to the PAGB’s Recorded Lecture Service (RLS) More details about the PAGB RLS from PAGB e-news 264 is available on the download supplied below.

The enquiries the SPF have received recently from SPF Club Committee Members ask why they can’t gain access to this PAGB site even although they are a PAGB affiliated Club via their SPF membership and have website access.

To clarify, the SPF administers its own SPF website, and that is what every SPF Club is set up to access by the SPF, currently for entry to the SPF Admin area for competition entry (by Libby), this website log-in access is only for this SPF website.

Although all SPF Member Clubs are listed on the PAGB CES website by the SPF, it is up to the main Club Committee Members to make their own registration on the PAGB CES site to gain access for their Club*.

You can do this by going to the PAGB CES website (click here) and clicking on the green Club Officer Login button and adding all of the required information (including choosing a password for yourself).

Your request for access will require to be verified by the PAGB who will do so within 48 hrs. You can speed up this process if you are listed as a Club Committee member on your Club’s website. Once approved, you will have access to log in and out as you wish.

*Your Club may already have this access set up if your Club has entered a PAGB Competition. Check if your Competition Secretary has done so as they may well have access you require. (Does not include individual Competition Entry to e.g. Masters of Print only Club Entries made by a Club Official on behalf of the Club) 

You can download a PDF copy of this article together with PAGB Recorded Lecture Service details from the PAGB e-news from the downloads area below