Interested in Learning to Shoot Black and White Film?

City of Glasgow College are running a 9 week Evening Class in analogue black and white photography that is starting soon. It will run every Wednesday from 31st January until 27th March and the lecturer has asked us to share these details with our Club Members. 

This evening workshop course gives students an opportunity to photograph using 35mm film and to work in a traditional darkroom making silver gelatin photographic prints. The course will introduce you to the fundamentals of shooting analogue, refresh any experience you may have had in a darkroom, give you skills in film processing and darkroom printing techniques. What will be covered - Analogue SLR Camera loading and shooting (studio/location) - Black & White film processing - Producing darkroom contact sheets - Black and White traditional printing techniques.

There are no formal entry requirements for this course however a basic understanding of photography would be an advantage but not essential.

To find out all about this course please (click here) to visit the college website for full details.

This is a practical-based introduction course with demonstrations and tutorials playing a key role in the delivery. Students on this course will be introduced to the basic processes of analogue photography. Throughout the course, you will learn the techniques required to expose, process and print black and white film.

Analogue SLR cameras will be made available throughout the course, as well as 1 x roll of 35mm film to start shooting. Photographic Paper will be used for demonstration purposes and initial darkroom practice for each student. Additional rolls of 35mm black and white film and 20 sheets of (10”x 8”) photographic paper (available to buy in College) will be required – cost may vary.