Masters of Print Scottish Results 2017

Scottish Photographers did extremely well in this year's Masters of Print competition. With only a maximum of 60 individuals work being exhibited it was a tightly fought event, resulting in four SPF photographers winning Medals, and more winning Sponsor's awards. 

Of the final 59 works exhibited 10 were from Scottish authors. Congratulations go to - Eion Johnston (Gold Medal), Clive Turner (Silver Medal), Gavin Forrest (Silver Medal), Mick Durham (Silver Medal), Maybeth Jamieson, Gordon Rae, John McVie, Martin Watt, Mike Cruise and Stephanie Wilkie.

All of their photos along with the other 49 exhibited works and prize winners can be viewed in the exhibition catalogue available on the Masters of Print page of this website. Also available there are photos of the opening and the award winners, along with details of all of the Medals and Sponsor's Awards. (click here).

If anyone finds themselves in London, the exhibition is still on and runs until 15th Dec at the RK Burt Gallery, 57 Union Street, London SE1 1SG.