NEW - SPF Club Members and Eligibility to enter SPF or PAGB Competitions

The SPF have taken the decision to introduce the following eligibility rule for all of its events from 1st Sept 2022 to help all concerned avoid any embarrassing situations occurring, keeping the rule as simple as possible, and following the ethos of our SPF Constitution of only having SPF membership open to Clubs based in Scotland. The SPF must ensure the eligibility of any submissions made to its own events together with its own entry into PAGB or FIAP competitions, as should Clubs, to avoid any duplicate images or duplicate photographers in events. Otherwise, this can cause embarrassment for Club, Competition Secretary and Photographer alike.

NEW RULE – “To be eligible to enter SPF competitions individuals must be resident in Scotland* or via application to the SPF” *An exception is made for members of Clubs close to the Scotland/England border who stay in the north of England provided they indicate they do not wish to enter through NCPF.


  • Clubs require to ascertain at the start of each club season if any of their members are also members of other UK Clubs (not just SPF Clubs) and ask the individual to declare which club they wish to enter with for SPF/PAGB competitions for the coming season.
  • The Club Secretary who deals with the Club’s external competitions requires to declare to the SPF, those details for all of their members with multiple club memberships, before any entries can be used by the Club or Individual for that season.
  • Individuals can indicate which club they wish to enter SPF competitions through directly to the SPF if they wish, but they must also make sure that all clubs of which they are a member of are also informed (including any non-SPF clubs).
  • An SPF Form is now available for this purpose for use by Clubs and Individuals alike.

Forms and Full details are available from (click here).

You can also download a copy of this full website article for circulation to your members (click here)