Photography’s Inspiration vs AI with Ayman Lotfy

Ayman Lotfy Saturday 14th October 2023 at 17:00 Presented by the FIAP Photo Academy Free Online Events

Ayman Lotfy was born in Cairo, Egypt on the 30th August 1968. After his graduation from the faculty of Arts in 1991, he led his own road into an artistic career, starting his career route as a fashion designer. With his devotion and passion to art and design, he successfully stepped forward to become a professional Art Director in 1996.

In 1998, Ayman launched his journey to the world of photography with the aim of enhancing his work as a designer. Since then, Ayman has not left his camera. His camera was the door to the new world of Modern Art Photography.

Ayman has a strong interest in people, human emotions, and expressions. Knowing how hard a job it could be to capture a real photo, one that reveals a real expression, one that can be believed, Ayman’s creativity and persistence wouldn’t surrender to the challenge. His lens saw deeper into the human soul, and his mind realized the diversity of human feelings, and he was keen to unravel the mysteries of those emotions and reveal them to his audience.

Ayman has transformed his photography work into Fine Art Photography. To produce his masterpieces, he has worked as the director of a scene, setting the mood with lighting, colours, and music; yet leaving his characters to each write his own scenario with their feelings. Ayman’s creative ambitions did not stop at combining fine art with photography. His determination to communicate more and more of his artistic visions to his audience moved him to add video art and performance to his artistic tools and integrate it with his photography work. Among his films is “Finding Salvation” which he presented at the Venice Biennale in 2010

Ayman has arranged many exhibitions of his work in Egypt and his work has been exhibited extensively worldwide including in Italy, Spain, Austria, USA and China. He is most proud of the State Encouragement Award 2016-2017 from Egypt.

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