FIAP Biennials - Call for Images

Do you have photographs that would fit the following themes?

We are taking the opportunity of announcing the next three themes we have chosen for entries to the FIAP Biennials over the next 18 months. We hope to be able to improve our coherence scores by doing this. Open to all SPF Club members to submit images.

There will be more about the FIAP Biennials in the next issue of e-flash. In the meantime if you have any photos that you think might fit the theme please send them to Clive Turner FIAP Liaison Officer at the details on the below PDF.

Don't worry if you cannot produce the prints, we can do that for you if necessary. Please send Digital Images only in the first instance please for us to make our selections (size 1400x1050 or 1024x768 jpegs**) to Clive Turner, FIAP Liaison Officer ** - please do not send smaller than this as we cannot properly assess the quality.

Beach Scenes - Colour Projected Digital Image Biennial
Environmental Portraits - Mono Print Biennial
Creative Still Life - Colour Print Biennial