PAGB Awards

These distinctions are only available to members of PAGB Affiliated Clubs which all SPF Clubs are. If you are looking for a challenge, or you would like to see how your photography measures against others throughout the UK, then this is an alternative way to the RPS / BPE schemes for you to achieve some letters after your name. You do not have to produce work as a panel, just have the required number of photos at the level you are applying for. You can enter in Prints or as Projected Digital Images. You only pay on applying and you don’t require to pay membership to keep your Award once you have been successful.

If you do well in your own club, or if your work is selected for Inter-club, SPF competitions, or you enter nationals/internationals then you’re already part way there. You cannot apply to the PAGB directly, you must apply via the SPF's Awards Officer, Libby Smith.

The SPF also run FREE PAGB Awards Workshops at least twice a year to help you through this process. Please take the opportunity to attend one of these if you are interested in finding out more whatever stage you are at. If you are interested in attending please also contact Libby Smith.

All you need to know about the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit is given on this page.

PAGB AWARDS GALLERIES TO VIEW OF RECENT SPF SUCCESSES IN 2019 - April 2019 - Ken Lindsay MPAGB - David Watson DPAGB - Helen Mitchell DPAGB - Andrew S Hayes DPAGB - Bruce Harley CPAGB - Lorna Hayton CPAGB - Ruth Hayton CPAGB and September 2019 - Kirsten Bax CPAGB - Alan Belton CPAGB - Helen Willis CPAGB 

and NEW November 2019 Galleries  - Graham Clark CPAGB - Patricia Roberts CPAGB - Sheona Elliott DPAGB - David Mair DPAGB - George Robertson DPAGB - Lesley Simpson MPAGB


Successful PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit Applicants 2018-19

The successful SPF candidates at the November 2019 Adjudication at Watford, in the Chilterns Association can be seen listed below. One of each of their images can be seen above. Click on the following to visit each of the successful applicant's Galleries containing all of their successful pictures - Graham Clark CPAGB - Patricia Roberts CPAGB - Sheona Elliott DPAGB - David Mair DPAGB - George Robertson DPAGB - Lesley Simpson MPAGB

The successful SPF candidates at the September 2019 closed Adjudication at Dumfries, can be seen listed below. One of each of their images can be seen on this page. Click on the following to visit each of the successful applicant's Galleries containing all of their successful pictures - Kirsten Bax CPAGB - Alan Belton CPAGB - Helen Willis CPAGB 

The successful SPF candidates at the April 2019 Adjudication at Llandudno, in North Wales, can be seen listed below. One of each of their images can be seen on this page. Click on the following to visit each of the successful applicant's Galleries containing all of their successful pictures -  Ken Lindsay MPAGB - David Watson DPAGB - Helen Mitchell DPAGB - Andrew S Hayes DPAGB - Bruce Harley CPAGB - Lorna Hayton CPAGB - Ruth Hayton CPAGB

The successful SPF candidates at the Chorley April 2018, the 'closed' Dumfries September 2018 and Pontefract November 2018 Adjudications are listed below. Galleries are also available for the two successful Sept 18 SPF candidates Gillian Temple CPAGB - Peter Clark CPAGB  and the six Nov 18 SPF successes David Bolton CPAGB - Wanda Mackie DPAGB - Isabella Hillhouse CPAGB - Helen Mitchell CPAGB - Alex McNaughton CPAGB - Ken Peters CPAGB

The four successful Chorley Apr 18 SPF candidates galleries are available to view in our galleries area (click here) 

Also below are successful applicants at Croydon in April 2017 and Colchester Nov 2017. You can also see their successful images in our galleries section of this website (click here) 

Please see bottom of this page for Results Apr 2015 to May 2016. For the Nov 2016 results please visit the dedicated webpage for this event hosted by the SPF (click here)

Rosemary GilliesEdinburgh PSApr-17CPAGB
Kenneth GilliesEdinburgh PSApr-17CPAGB
David MairBon Accord CCNov-17CPAGB
Chris BonningtonCarluke CCNov-17DPAGB
Bob HumphreysDonside CCNov-17DPAGB
Ian MitchellBon Accord CCApr-18MPAGB
Martin WattKirkcaldy PSApr-18DPAGB
Keith ThorburnEdinburgh PSApr-18CPAGB
Kenny McGuckinLivingston CCApr-18CPAGB
Gillian TempleDunfermline PASept-18CPAGB
Peter ClarkDundee PSSept-18CPAGB
David BoltonDunfermline PANov-18CPAGB
Isabella HillhouseCowal CCNov-18CPAGB
Alex McNaughtonBeith CCNov-18CPAGB
Helen MitchellBon Accord CCNov-18CPAGB
Ken PetersDundee PSNov-18CPAGB
Wanda MackieKirkcaldy PSNov-18DPAGB
Lorna HaytonAyr PSApr-19CPAGB
Ruth HaytonAyr PSApr-19CPAGB
Bruce HarleyLivingston CCApr-19CPAGB
Andrew S HayesBrechin PSApr-19DPAGB
Helen MitchellBon Accord CCApr-19DPAGB
David WatsonBon Accord CCApr-19DPAGB
Ken LindsayEastwood PSApr-19MPAGB
Kirsten BaxDumfries CCSept-19CPAGB
Alan BeltonMearns CCSept-19CPAGB
Helen WillisSt Andrews PSSept-19CPAGB
Graham ClarkMoray CCNov-19CPAGB
Patricia RobertsMoray CCNov-19CPAGB
Sheona ElliottBon Accord CCNov-19DPAGB
David MairBon Accord CCNov-19DPAGB
George RobertsonMilngavie & Bearsden CCNov-19DPAGB
Lesley SimpsonDingwall CCNov-19MPAGB
Next Workshop - Aug 2020

If you are interested in a future workshop please send Libby a note of your details and she will add you to her mailing list. That list will get first refusal on a future workshop. When the next available Workshop is being thrown open to everyone to book, details will be posted here. Next Workshop - Aug 2020

Please contact Libby Smith to note your interest in the PAGB Awards Workshop, and have your details added to our e-mailing list. We will then give you advance notification as soon as bookings are being taken, supplying all of the required details.  Contact Libby 

Gaining these Awards is a Five Stage Process

Please see the More About the Three Levels of Awards section further down this webpage which supplements this Five Stage process given here.

You can also view all of the SPF's successful photographer's submissions, at all three levels, in our Galleries Section of this website. These galleries will change on a regular basis (click here).

Also see the PAGB e-news specials for CPAGB (click here) for DPAGB (click here) or for some interesting statistics of the PAGB Awards (click here) and how to book a PAGB DVD for your club.

1 SPF Pre-Qualification

You require to pre-qualify in your own Federation, the SPF. To qualify to take part you have to prove that you are an active photographer taking part in your Federation events. This also helps give a gauge of the level of your work at a national level. See details and a list of SPF Qualifying events to download below. You do not need to have completed this stage to attend our workshops (See Stage 2) Please see the SPF Pre-Qualification requirements for full details (click here)

2 Attend an SPF Awards Workshop

It is recommended but not compulsory that you attend an SPF Awards Workshop, and receive advice on what level / medium / or when to apply. You can take along Prints or PDI and find out if your work is of the standard required, and get hints to improve quality. These workshops are run 2 or 3 times a year - approx. Jan & Aug/Sept. We have the advatage here in Scotland that the organisers of these workshops are also on the PAGB Awards Sub-committee - Rod Wheelans (Chairman) and Libby Smith.

Contact Libby Smith for details or visit the workshop area above or SPF Diary area (click here) of this website for details. 

3 Contact SPF Awards Officer

Contact SPF Awards Officer, Libby Smith, with your SPF Pre-Qualification details (click here), and a note of which level and medium you would like to apply in. You will then be sent a signed PAGB Application Form.

As you need to know the level and medium you are applying in before the form can be completed, we suggest you attend a workshop before submitting your form. There are financial penalties incurred if you withdraw once your form has been submitted to the PAGB.

4 Complete the PAGB Application Form

Please read the PAGB Leaflets in the below downloads for more details before continuing. Complete the signed PAGB Application Form you have been given and submit with your cheque to the PAGB Awards Secretary for a space on the next available PAGB Adjudication. These are run 2 or 3 times a year, always in April and November. (Nov 2018 is full, Apr 2019 is open for applications)

Spaces are on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. so your application will be acknowledged, then you will be advised when you definitely have a space and the section will run. Details will also be sent to you of how to submit your entry and the timescales for submitting.

5 The PAGB Adjudication

These Adjudications are run by the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) and are hosted by different Federations. 

You submit your work to the Adjudication you receive a space on. This can be 3 to 4 weeks prior to the Adjudication itself. Six Judges will adjudicate your entry.

For the April & November events you can attend if you wish. Extra events are sometimes required due to the volume of entries, these can sometimes be in-camera events. 

More About the Three Levels of Award
Credit Awards - CPAGB

The Credit Award (CPAGB) is specifically to recognize the ‘Good Club Photographer’. If you do well in your own club, and your work is selected for inter-club/ SPF competitions then you can probably qualify for this award. You don’t have to enter international* Exhibitions or win gold medals, just turn in a good consistent standard of pictures and be active in support of your club and in SPF competitions.

To achieve the CPAGB Award - you have to submit a set of 10 prints or 10 digital files of a good Club standard. These are considered by 6 adjudicators scoring between 2 and 5. The lowest score per picture is 12, the highest is 30, and you need a total of 200 for all 10 pictures to succeed.

SPF Pre-Qualification for CPAGB - You must have entered in a total of 3 of the SPF Qualifying competitions in a minimum of 2 of the last 10 years. This can include a particular event one year and the same event a different year.

Distinction Awards - DPAGB

Distinction Award (DPAGB) is judged at ‘exhibition standard’. For this you have to enter 15 prints or 15 digital files and, bearing in mind that the adjudicators are looking for international* exhibition standard, you have to score a total of 300 points to get the award. * Please be aware that this is a UK Award and styles/results received in Internationals outwith the UK cannot always be taken as an accurate guide in this regard.

SPF Pre-Qualification Requirements for DPAGB - You must have entered in a total of 5 SPF qualifying competitions for a minimum of Three Recent Years of the last 10 years. This can include a particular event one year and the same event a different year.

Master Awards - MPAGB

Master Award (MPAGB) is awarded for “the very best amateur photography”. 20 photographs, a much more stringent adjudication standard and 450 points to succeed.

SPF Pre-Qualification Requirements - MPAGB - Applicants for the MPAGB must already have held the DPAGB for at least 11 months.

SPF Qualifying Competitions

The SPF Qualifying Competitions are -

SPF Annual Portfolios - SPF Digital Championship - SPF Print Championship - Scottish International Salon - SPF Entry to the Celtic Challenge - SPF Entry to FlAP Biennials - PAGB GB Cups & GB Trophy Competitions - PAGB Competitions (Inter-Fed; Digital Championship; Print Championship)

Please Note – You do not need to get acceptances only to have entered. No other National or International Salons count as Pre-qualifying events only the SPF’s own Scottish International Salon. You will require your Club Secretary, Competition Secretary or President to provide a note to certify your participation in the necessary qualifying events – The Awards Officer can help out if necessary.

Please also note that a number of these Competitions allow Individuals to enter if their Club does not wish to put in an entry. Have a look under the Events pages of this website for more info on the competitions we run.

PAGB Awards (AV) in Audio Visual

Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) are available in audio-visual. Joint applications are permitted.

The Levels (designated CPAGB/AV, DPAGB/AV, MPAGB/AV) are the same as for still images.

Media is by digital projection with sound, and information is given in the AV Leaflet.

Adjudications are hosted by the PAGB and may be annually or every eighteen months, depending on demand. It may help to indicate in advance that you are thinking of applying so that demand is known.

Geof Longstaff CPAGB-AV May 2016
Successful PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit Applicants Apr15-May16
Ian McKendrickQueens Park CCApr-15DPAGB
Moira GardnerKirkcaldy PSApr-15DPAGB
Jo McIntyreDumfries CCApr-15MPAGB
George GrayBon Accord CCAug-15CPAGB
Roger HintonBon Accord CCAug-15CPAGB
Audrey PeddieSt Andrews PSAug-15CPAGB
David SadlerDundee PSAug-15CPAGB
David WatsonBon Accord CCAug-15CPAGB
Martin WattKirkcaldy PSAug-15CPAGB
Robert HumphreysDonside CCAug-15CPAGB
Mary GibsonKilmarnock PCAug-15DPAGB
Eion JohnstonEdinburgh PSNov-15DPAGB
Jim HillCarluke CCNov-15CPAGB
Liana MireaBon Accord CCNov-15CPAGB
Terry RailleyEdinburgh PSNov-15CPAGB
Nicola ShepherdSt Andrews PSNov-15CPAGB
Chris BriggsDonside CCApr-16CPAGB
Andrew HayesBrechin PSApr-16CPAGB
Ian MitchellBon Accord CCApr-16CPAGB
Gordon RaeDumfries CCApr-16MPAGB
Geof LongstaffFalkirk CCMay-16CPAGB-AV