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FIAP Biennials – We need your photos.

Do you have photographs that would fit this theme? THEME - ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITS

Open to all SPF Club members to submit images. If you have any photos that you think might fit the theme please send them as Digital Files in the...

If you have expressed an interest, or have attended a recent workshop and you are interested in applying for a PAGB Distinction; Application Forms are now available for the Nov 2016 Adjudication to be held in Scotland – Venue TBC.

Please contact...

Full details of the new changes made by FIAP which took effect 1st January 2016 are now available on this website from the FIAP Distinctions Area.

Do you have photographs that would fit the following themes?

We are taking the opportunity of announcing the next three themes we have chosen for entries to the FIAP Biennials over the next 18 months. We hope to be able to improve our coherence scores by doing this. Open to all SPF Club...

Reminder to Club Secretaries that the SPF requires a copy of your Club's Syllabus and a signed Decleration (New 1st Jan 2016) as part of your Club's membership.

Supply of your Club's syllabus is a requirement of Public Liability Insurance cover supplied via the SPF/PAGB policy.

The SPF Club Print Championship 2016 will again be held at Stirling Management Centre on Sunday 21st February 2016. Your Club members are invited to submit an entry into this year’s SPF Print Championship.

All prints for the competition have to be submitted to the drop-off points by...