Snods Edge March AV Day 2020

The Northern Audio Visual Group are holding their Snod’s Edge March event on Saturday 21st March 2020 from 10am to 5pm. at St John’s Church Hall, Snods Edge, Shotley Bridge DH8 9TJ to which SPF members are invited.

The guest speaker this year is Sheila Graber, Animator, visiting Professor to the University of Sunderland

Born and raised in South Shields, Sheila graduated from Sunderland College of Fine Art and began a career in teaching in Birmingham. She started animation in 1970 and produced a series of short programmes which were distributed world-wide. One film about the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian was screened at the Tate Gallery and on BBC’s Blue Peter. This lead to Sheila creating the animation for Paddington Bear and Mr and Mrs Brown for the BBC television series ‘Paddington’. From there, came the "Just So Stories" in 1980 — a 10-episode series based on Rudyard Kipling's classic tales. Sheila took a position at the University of Teesside, as the Animator in Residence before accepting the role of Senior Research and Teaching Fellow in Animation at Sunderland University where she was awarded an Honorary Fellowship for Outstanding services to Education and Art.

Sheila still holds the position of visiting Professor to the University of Sunderland. She has created over 60 shorts and three series for World TV including the BBC and holds many awards for her work including the Royal Television Society Best Digital Designer and she is an Honorary Fellow of the IAC. With experience ranging from cell animation to digital creation, Sheila is perfectly qualified to be talking to the NAVGroup about how we can prepare and include animation in our AVs and she has entitled her talk ‘Animation as Communication… and a Cat.’ As Sheila says, “I will outline how I have set about animation from Super 8 film in 1973 to present day iPad in order to communicate ideas and encourage others to do the same. A cat has been and still is my constant companion on this journey.”

Cost: - £14.00 Arrival, morning, lunchtime and afternoon tea or coffee are included in this price. Lunches can be provided at £7.00 each but they must be ordered in advance (see the reply slip below). If you prefer to bring your own lunch, you are still welcome to have tea and coffee if you wish to do so. All bookings must be received at least 7 days before the meeting, even if lunch is not required.

Attendees Sequences:- There will be the usual opportunity for attendees to show their own AVs produced with Pictures To Exe or ProShowGold, to an appreciative audience who will have the opportunity to comment on a time-limited basis. Please note that sound and picture reproduction in the hall is unlikely to be the same as that produced by your own home equipment and that we cannot adjust the hall equipment to suit individual sequences.

You can find further information from the booking form supplied below or visit the Group's website (click here)